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There is a lot to know about diamonds

Diamonds are expensive so care must be taken in choosing the right stone.We strongly recommend that you read our easy to follow guide about diamonds. This will introduce you to the four C’s that determine the value of a diamond, namely Carat, Cut, Colour and Clarity. The diamond education page will give you an idea of what you should look for when buying a diamond. What are diamonds?

Diamonds are an extremely hard, highly reflective pure carbon. They are formed deep underground under immense pressure and at very high temperature. On rare occasions certain elements mix with the carbon and create a diamond with a different colour such as blue, pink, yellow and green.
Diamonds are cut into six different shapes.
Round Brilliant





More than 75% of the diamonds sold are Round Brilliants. The fire and brilliance reflecting from the stone are maximised by this cut. Because the round shape has no beginning or end it symbolises eternity.







The Princess is square shaped and if cut deep enough will generate the same fire and brilliance of a Round Brilliant diamond but at a lower price.  It is a modern cut that tends to flatter long fingers.






This is a modern version of the Round Brilliant. The oval shape gives  the impression of a larger stone. The Oval is a traditional cut.






The beautiful elongated shape of the marquise also gives the impression that the stone is larger than its carat weight. The marquise shape is a stone to impress with. This shape helps create the illusion of slender fingers.






These are also known also as tear drop diamonds.






This is rectangular in shape and very impressive to look at on a persons hand. Although it is called an emerald cut it describes the cut not the colour.

The Four C’s

Carat The weight of a diamond is measured in carats. A carat is equal to 0.2 grams and is derived from the seeds of the Carob tree whose uniform weight and shape were initially used as a standard measurement for diamonds. A carat is divided into 100 points so ½ a carat will be a way to describe 50 points or 0.5 carat.


Diamond cut





A good cut will determine the brilliance of a diamond.The brilliance refers to the sparkle and fire in the stone. The cut refers not just to the shape of a diamond but also to the symmetry and the polish. This is the only characteristic in a diamond that can be affected by man and not by nature.






To the naked eye most diamonds seem colourless but in reality diamonds range from colourless, which is very rare, to nearly colourless, which are more common, to slightly tinted and tinted. The colours that are found in most diamonds are faint yellow and brown but there are also diamonds which have what are known as “fancy colours” such as pink, blue and green. These are considered the most valuable diamonds.



There are ten grades of clarity in diamonds. These range from the best grade which is known as “flawless” to the lowest grade stones which have obvious flaws known as inclusions. A device called a loupe, which magnifies things x10, is used to grade clarity. Although most diamonds have some inclusions, when buying a stone, it is important that the inclusions are not visible to the naked eye. There is also a fifth “C” which is not included in the four Cs which determine the value of a diamond.

Certificated diamonds

Certificated diamonds carry a laboratory guarantee of the quality, measurements and characteristic of a specific diamond. The Diamond has been inspected by a laboratory that is independent from the buying process. At H & D Diamonds we sell diamonds that have been graded by internationally known laboratories such as GIA (Gemological Institute of America), IGI (International Gemological Institute), HRD Antwerp and AGI (Antwerp Gemmological Institute). And there is a sixth “C” we never include in our diamonds.

Conflict Diamonds

Conflict diamonds are mined in areas where rebel groups, which oppose the legally elected government, use the money from the sale of diamonds to fund wars. These diamonds are also known as ‘blood diamonds’. At H & D Diamonds we only buy diamonds from reputable sources, which provide written guarantees, that all the diamonds and jewellery set with diamonds are ‘conflict – free’.

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