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Anniversary Gemstones

Anniversary stones and their powers

It is a common practice for couples to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Some may know there are certain anniversary gemstones that are attributed to a specific number of marriage years you are celebrating. But did you know some believe that each anniversary gemstone has powers that can affect your physical or mental health in a positive way?

Here are the anniversary gemstones that are associated with the marriage years:

1st Anniversary Gemstone

Traditionally gold-stone is the gemstone given in the 1st anniversary to your loved one. Gold-stone is in face a glittering glass and many people prefer to use a gold jewellery instead, as gold-stone is not a natural material.

Alternatively, peridot may be used as a 1st anniversary gemstone. Peridot has a positive affect on the general mood and self confidence.

2nd Anniversary Gemstone

Garnet is the gemstone that symbolises the 2nd anniversary. Commonly, it can be found in different shades of grey but can also be found in shades of blue, green and yellow. The stone has the attributes of getting the couple into higher levels in the relationship and improve their sex life.

3rd Anniversary Gemstone

Pearl is the gemstone representing the third anniversary. Pearl symbolises purity and is known for its ability to enhance calm and promote faith. Pearl is also the gemstone for the 12th and 30th anniversaries. On out website you can find both Baroque pearls and freshwater pearls jewellery.

4th Anniversary Gemstone

Blue Topaz represents the 4th anniversary possibly because this gemstone is known for aiding communication channels. Blue topaz is considered the gemstone of truth and wisdom and helps to bring mind, body and spirit in unison.

5th Anniversary Gemstone

Sapphire is the gemstone representing the 5th anniversary celebrations. This is the gemstone that aims to bring loyalty and serenity to the person wearing it. Jewellery set with sapphire increased in popularity since the Royal wedding of William and Kate. 

6th Anniversary Gemstone

Amethyst is the gemstone that is expected at the 6th anniversary. The amethyst can affect clarity of thoughts and symbolises wealth in friendship. Here is a lovely way to present the amethyst in a jewellery piece.

7th Anniversary Gemstone

Yellow Sapphire is the stone that traditionally represents the 7th anniversary. Yellow sapphire symbolises success and love. Generally, the yellow colour is one that helps in creativity, which in my opinion, can contribute to the success of any married life.

Alternatively, onyx can also be used on the 7th anniversary. Onyx can be found in several colours but the most common ones are black and white colours. The onyx helps with lifting up mood, fight negative feelings and restore confidence after separation.

8th Anniversary Gemstone

The tourmaline, a gemstone that may come in several shades is the traditional ring used for the 8th anniversary. It symbolises love and friendship and ancient Romans believed it lifts away any negative thoughts and emotions.

9th Anniversary Gemstone

Lapis Lazulis is the 9th anniversary gemstone. This deep blue semi-precious stone is known for its affect in creating depth and clarity in communication and thinking.

10th Anniversary Gemstone

Diamond is your 10th anniversary gemstone. The strongest gemstone is not only used a lot in jewellery but is also a symbol of the strength of the love you share with one another. The ‘fire’, the rainbow like colours in a diamond, have been compared in numerous occasions to the flame of love in the relationship. Of course there are plenty of diamond jewellery to choose from. 

11th Anniversary Gemstone

Turquoise is the gemstone representing the 11th anniversary. This gemstone is becoming rarer to find in nature. The turquoise helps in communicating truth, bring peace to your home and a strong connection to the spiritual world.

Alternatively, a citrine may be given on this anniversary. The citrine is known as a ‘money magnet’ as by easing fear it allows the wearer to accept all the good that is coming his or her way, including the ability to manifest prosperity.

12th Anniversary Gemstone

Jade is the 12th anniversary gemstone and is known to bless anything it touches for thousands of years in many cultures. It is known to encourage creativity, an amulet for good luck and friendship, prosperity and love.

My good friend, Andrew, who left the UK to learn how to carve jade and won several awards for his work, is the person I would most recommend you contact for jade jewellery

13th Anniversary Gemstone

Beautiful moonstone is the 13th anniversary gemstone. This is the stone of positive feeling, wishing and hoping. It allows inner clarity to the person wearing it and is considered an excellent gift for a woman to embrace her personal power.

14th Anniversary Gemstone

The opal is the gemstone given traditionally on the 14th anniversary. It is considered to be a very spiritual stone which resonates with the heart. A legend says that the opal loses its sparkle when the person wearing it is being unfaithful.

15th Anniversary Gemstone

The ruby is the gemstone of the 15th anniversary. This is the gemstone that promotes passion for life, helps overcome emotional and physical obstacles and will aid sexuality. That might explain its popularity over the years.

16th Anniversary Gemstone

The peridot is the gemstone of the 16th anniversary. This is the gemstone that counteracts negative feelings and will bring joy and harmony to the relationship.

17th Anniversary Gemstone

Traditionally on the 17th anniversary it is common to give a watch. Alternatively, to keep in line with the gemstones, Carnelian is the anniversary stone. This brownish-red stone has a positive affect on energy levels, brings harmony and has a calming effect.

18th Anniversary Gemstone

Cat’s eye is the gemstone the to be exchanged on the 18th anniversary. It is known to give powers of determination to the one wearing it and helps over come barriers.

19th Anniversary Gemstone

The aquamarine is the gemstone for the 19th anniversary. It has a calming affect and spread a warm-hearted energy in a couple’s life.

20th Anniversary Gemstone

Emerald is the traditional gemstone for the 20th anniversary. It is known for its powers to promote creativity and create a clear perception and insight. It is also known to be a true love magnet.

Although not all the gemstones are available as set jewellery on the website it can be easily achieved. To find out more and to book your free consultation please click on the image below or call us on  0845 600 5557.

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