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Saving For Engagement Ring

Saving for engagement ring in China may be lengthy

In contrast to the previous blog about Beyonce splashing her money on diamonds this story is about a Chinese boy that kept his promise to his childhood sweetheart.

platinum solitaire diamond ring, saving for enagagement ring

Diamond Solitaire

When a nine years old boy tells a girl ‘I will save up money from now on until I marry you’ most grown up with have a smile but will not take it too seriously.

This was not the case for that particular boy. In 1996 he promised that to his childhood sweetheart and from then on he started saving for engagment ring.  He started with coins he got from his parents as pocket money. When he grew up symbolically he decided to keep the savings in coines.

Although the two kept in touch over the passing 20 year, when they were living in different cities and saw each other only few times each year.

When eventually the loved women came back to live in her home town the now matured man went to the bank to change all hisd coins. he saved over $1,600 in coins!! The bank said he came with bags weighing over 150kg filled with coins.

That was enough to buy an engagement ring and proposed to his loved one.

She said yes!

Beyoncé Buys Diamond Shoes

Beyoncé Buys Diamond Shoes worth £216,000

What occasion would you think will be so important for Beyoncé that she would have shoes designed with diamonds for?

It has to be no other than Beyoncé’s next music video that is expected to be out in the autumn.

Beyoncé chose a British designer for the job. The House of Borgezie,  who is specialising diamonds encrusted shoes, belts and even handbags was delighted of course with the order. The designer was approached months ago but once the deal was sealed the creating of ‘jewellery for the fit’, as the House of  Borgezie call them, was on the go.

Set with over 1,300 diamonds that weigh in total over 65 carats this is an art creation one could compare with any Royal Crown or a diamond set tiara.

But when Beyoncé Buys Diamond Shoes she wouldn’t leave without a diamond encrusted gold basque belt with a £55,000 price tag.

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