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Rare Pink Diamond on Auction

Rare pink diamond – Christie’s November sale

The largest rare pink diamond in its category will be auctioned this month at the Christine’s November sale in Geneva. The auction of ‘Magnificent Jewels’ on November 10 will present exceptional diamonds, rare colored stones, natural pearls of the highest quality and signed jewellery.

The 16.08 carat, which is the largest cushion-shaped fancy vivid pink diamond at the auction, is set in a ring surrounded with two rows of diamonds as a ‘step’ halo with another row of pink diamonds underneath.

The diamond was qualified by Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as a fancy vivid pink diamond. This means it has no traces of any other or secondary colour and its pink hue is pure. Most pink diamonds has a colour modifier like purple, orange, brown or gray. Having no trace of colour makes is rare 16.08 carat pink diamond a sought-after diamond by gem specialists. An international specialist at Christie’s said the rare pink diamond is expected to fetch between 23 and 28 million dollars (£15 to £18 million). This will be a record breaking for the auction house.

Pink diamonds have been selling for record prices in the last few years. In 2009, the 5 carat diamond was sold for over $2 million in Hong Kong, establishing a new per-carat record price for any pink diamond. In 2013 the pink Princie diamond, a 34.65 carat intense pink diamond, was sold for $39.3 million, which is more than £25 million. Although sold by Sotheby’s in 2013 The Pink Star, a 53.60 carat flawless diamond was auctioned at a record of $83 million.

Other jewellery to be auctioned on the day are an 1810 beautiful emerald and diamond fringe necklace. The necklace was belong to the Orléans family in France, the Aosta family in Italy and was finally part of the Cholmondeley collection in England. This is a special necklace for the exceptional quality of the emeralds and the delicate craftsmanship and it is estimate at $1.5 – 2 million.

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75.56ct Yellow Diamond Auctioned

75.56ct yellow diamond sold for $3.6

The 75.56ct fancy vivid yellow diamond was the most exciting cushioned modified brilliant cut diamond so be sold at the Christie’s auction on October 20 in New York.

The yellow diamond was bound to be an attraction due to the rarity of its kind in nature. Yellow diamond of such size with with grading by Gemological Institute of America of VS2 clarity and the highest colour saturation possible is not easily found. The yellow diamond that is set on a gold ring with four claws was sold for £3,609,000!!

A substantiation part of the bidding happened online from the UK, Hong Kong, Indonesia and the rest of the USA.

Another item of interest were an 18.80ct D colour marquise cut diamond ring with tapered baguettes on its sides. This ring achieved $1.48million as GIA declared the centre diamond to be of the highest chemically purity diamond Type IIa with a VVS1 clarity.

Other diamonds to a achieve high bids were the 12.75ct heart shape D colour (sold for $965,000) and a 34.12ct cushion cut fancy yellow diamond ring with a platinum mount.

The sale will continue today with other beautiful pieces as this David Webb platinum spider broach set with a large cushion cut kunzite and flexible diamond set legs.

Other jewellery on sale are be by Bulgari, Cartier, Tiffany and Van Cleef & Arpels.

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