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Rare Pink Diamond on Auction

Rare pink diamond – Christie’s November sale

The largest rare pink diamond in its category will be auctioned this month at the Christine’s November sale in Geneva. The auction of ‘Magnificent Jewels’ on November 10 will present exceptional diamonds, rare colored stones, natural pearls of the highest quality and signed jewellery.

The 16.08 carat, which is the largest cushion-shaped fancy vivid pink diamond at the auction, is set in a ring surrounded with two rows of diamonds as a ‘step’ halo with another row of pink diamonds underneath.

The diamond was qualified by Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as a fancy vivid pink diamond. This means it has no traces of any other or secondary colour and its pink hue is pure. Most pink diamonds has a colour modifier like purple, orange, brown or gray. Having no trace of colour makes is rare 16.08 carat pink diamond a sought-after diamond by gem specialists. An international specialist at Christie’s said the rare pink diamond is expected to fetch between 23 and 28 million dollars (£15 to £18 million). This will be a record breaking for the auction house.

Pink diamonds have been selling for record prices in the last few years. In 2009, the 5 carat diamond was sold for over $2 million in Hong Kong, establishing a new per-carat record price for any pink diamond. In 2013 the pink Princie diamond, a 34.65 carat intense pink diamond, was sold for $39.3 million, which is more than £25 million. Although sold by Sotheby’s in 2013 The Pink Star, a 53.60 carat flawless diamond was auctioned at a record of $83 million.

Other jewellery to be auctioned on the day are an 1810 beautiful emerald and diamond fringe necklace. The necklace was belong to the Orléans family in France, the Aosta family in Italy and was finally part of the Cholmondeley collection in England. This is a special necklace for the exceptional quality of the emeralds and the delicate craftsmanship and it is estimate at $1.5 – 2 million.

If this Christmas you wish to purchase a colour diamond jewellery I can recommend a trusted source for diamond jewellery. Click on this link or on the image below.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


Diamond Cufflinks

Diamond Cufflinks – Because you can!

Cufflinks, also known as cuff-links, have been around since the early 16th century. In those days they used to fasten the cuffs of the blouse with a cuff string, which was made of two painted glass balls connected with a chain. Those were eventually replaced by a jewellery like cuff string made of gold and diamonds. So it is not a modern idea to have diamond cufflinks.

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Why wear cufflinks?

The only thing I can compare cufflinks to is earrings. Earrings, in particular diamond earrings, give the finishing touch to the face. In the same way cufflinks upgrade the overall outfit. It is traditionally worn on a formal shirt and one may associate it with black tie event, wedding, Christening and other special times. However, cufflinks can be worn on a regular basis and once you own cufflinks you tend to build a collection of shirts to go with them. In some cases cufflinks are the trigger for a whole new shirts collection to go with. Of course this can be a process that will happen over time just like any other collection.

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The reason for wearing cufflinks is that If you wear a suit in the office cufflinks will upgrade the overall look of your suit. It is a very subtle way to distinguish you from the rest as a person of style with a certain status.

Most diamond cufflinks will be either set with diamonds only or with an additional semi precious stone. If you are buying the diamond cufflinks as a present and not sure which one to choose I would recommend you stick to a diamond cufflinks as the coloured stones may limit the wearer to certain shirts. However, if you know the person you are purchasing the diamond cufflinks will appreciate a bit of colour, or if his cloths colour scheme will suit the colour of the gemstone then you can confidently purchase diamond cufflinks set with a gemstone.

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How to wear cufflinks?

There are many styles of cufflinks but at H&D Diamonds we tend to use the cufflinks with the hinge as they are easy to use and are well secured.

Here is how it is done:

First of all make sure the cuff is folded nicely in a neat way. Make sure the four holes are in line with one another and that the two sides of the cuff are flat against each other and away from the wrist. Then turn the hinge so the cufflink resemble an umbrella in shape and slide the the cufflink through the holes. Secure by turning the hinge back. Always make sure the designed part of the cufflinks is facing forward and the hinge is to the back of the leave.

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If you are unsure and would benefit from a FREE consultation please call on 0345 600 5557 or click on the image below. 

A Push Present – For a New Mum

A Push Present – What is it?

A new baby in the family is celebrated throughout the world regardless to religion, culture or race. In some cultures tradition dictates a new mum gets a gift in others the mum gets a gift for every child she has. This is where the name Push Present comes from.

Push present is usually given to the mum by her husband as a way of showing his appreciation to the wife. The reason for that is that a women’s role during pregnancy and birth is very demanding. This is a time when women often find strength they were not aware they had within themselves. Diamonds are extremely hard yet very beautiful, just as a mother for a new baby is, and this is why diamond jewellery is usually the chosen gift for a push present.

What can you choose for a push present?

Diamond Ring

Most women at this stage of the relationship have already has an engagement ring and a wedding ring. This is the time to spoil your wife with a dress ring she will be happy to wear and show her friends.

Dress ring for a push present, a present for a mum who gave birth, diamond jewellery for a new mum, diamond jewellery in Manchester

If you are not married and not planning to get married it doesn’t mean the new mum cannot have a lifestyle ring as a push present. It is not hinting towards marriage or engagement however, it is a nice gift to receive.

Beyonce Style Ring , life style diamond ring, diamond rings in Manchester, diamond ringsin Manchester, diamond jewellery in Manchester, Jewellery in Manchester, push present for a new mum

Some women suffer from water retention after the pregnancy and the fingers may be a little swollen than they usually are so you might want to do your research regarding the ring size at the beginning of the pregnancy.

Diamond Pendant

Pendants are great as a push present as you cannot go wrong with size and the mum will be able to wear it immediately after receiving the gift. You can choose for a symbolic pendant that express your felling to her like a heart pendant.

diamond heart pendant, a gift for a new mum, push present for a new mum, diamond pendant in Manchester

If your partner already has a halo diamond ring match the pendant with a halo pendant for the push present.

DNP415 0.60CTS-18CT

If the budget doesn’t allow the full on diamond pendant mix it up with a gem stone and you will get an affordable and pretty diamond jewellery.

sapphire and diamond pendant in Manchester, a push present for a new mum, diamond jewellery in Manchester

Diamond Earrings

I would normally recommend to buy stud diamond earring as a push present as babies, when starting growing a little and get curious, will find the sparkly diamond earring that are dangling from mummy’s ears the most exciting things to pull. This can be quite painful for the mum. If you want your partner to wear her push present, and I don’t mean when the baby starting school, then stud earrings should be your choice.

diamond stud earrings, diamond earrings as a push present, stud earring for a new mum, diamond earrings in Manchester, diamond jewellery in Manchester

At H&D Diamonds you can find lots of diamond jewellery to choose from and make a new mum happy. Whether it is a lifestyle ring, a dress ring, a pendant, an earring or bracelets you are sure to find a diamond jewellery for your partner.

For a FREE diamond and jewellery consultation with a diamond grader call 0345 600 5557. Alternatively, click on the image below.

How to Choose a Diamond Pendant

Diamond pendant – What to consider

Diamond Pendant – 0.50ct


Pendants are a popular gift to give to a women. They can be given as a present on a birthday, for the birth of a child, Christmas or anniversary. There isn’t really a bad time for gifting a women with a pendant and even more so with a diamond pendant. So how will get it right?

Rose Shape Diamond Pendant – 0.60ct

Overall shape

First to consider is the overall shape you are after. Are you after a diamond pendant that will be of a statement piece? In that case you might want to consider a larger. If however you know the person who will eventually be wearing the pendant is of the modest type, they might be happy to receive an solitaire pendant. A heart shape pendant will communicate only one thing of course, your love to her.

Drop Heart Shape Diamond Pendant , diamonds in Bolton, diamond jewellery in Bolton

Diamond shape

Most diamond pendants that are set with more than one diamond are of round brilliant shape. But what if you know the person you buy the pendant to doesn’t like, or prefer another shape? You can either look at a cluster in a different shape than a round or opt for a solitaire in the shape of diamond she likes. At H&D Diamonds we can source the suitable mount for any shape of diamond you are after or even create the pendant to your specification.

Halo Diamond & Sapphire Pendant in Urmston, jewellery in Urmston, jewellers of Urmston


Using gemstones is a great way to add some colour to anyone’s day. I would normally recommend having a gemstone jewellery, any type of jewellery, set with diamonds around as it show the beauty of the gemstone in a better light and generally add the sparkle we expect from a diamond. This is ideal especially if you know there is a specific gemstone the other person likes.

BJP0022D 0.40CTS-18CT

Budgeting for a diamond pendant

When buying a diamond pendant, like any other purchase, you should have a general idea of what is the budget you are willing to spend. Generally speaking the price of diamonds rises much higher than the size of the diamond. So you would pay much less on 0.98 carat diamond than on a 1.02 carat diamond just because you have crossed the 1.00 carat mark. In other words, buying several small diamonds that makes up 1.00 in weight will be a lot cheaper than buying a 1.00 carat diamond solitaire. This is where the cluster diamond pendants can help with managing your budget. Alternatively, you could use a gemstone. This choice will also lower the overall price for the pendant since the main centre stone will be anything but diamond.

Diamond Pendant – 0.35ct in Manchester, jewellers of Manchester, diamond jewellery in Manchester

At H&D Diamond website you can find a sample of our jewellery and we keep updating and refreshing the selection. If you haven’t found the pendant you are after please call us on 0345 600 5557 and we will be happy to source the pendant you are after. Alternatively, click on the image below and use the contact form.

Beyoncé Buys Diamond Shoes

Beyoncé Buys Diamond Shoes worth £216,000

What occasion would you think will be so important for Beyoncé that she would have shoes designed with diamonds for?

It has to be no other than Beyoncé’s next music video that is expected to be out in the autumn.

Beyoncé chose a British designer for the job. The House of Borgezie,  who is specialising diamonds encrusted shoes, belts and even handbags was delighted of course with the order. The designer was approached months ago but once the deal was sealed the creating of ‘jewellery for the fit’, as the House of  Borgezie call them, was on the go.

Set with over 1,300 diamonds that weigh in total over 65 carats this is an art creation one could compare with any Royal Crown or a diamond set tiara.

But when Beyoncé Buys Diamond Shoes she wouldn’t leave without a diamond encrusted gold basque belt with a £55,000 price tag.

The 6C’s – What are they?

Do you need to know about the 6C’s?

A little while ago one of my FaceBook follower raised this question to me. I thought I’ll explain it best in a video.

So before we start, what are the 6C’s?

The 6C’s refers to Colour, Clarity, Cut, Carat weight, Certificate and confidence.

The first 4C’s were covered in length in the section about diamonds for investment. However, I have also recorded seperate videos about each of the C’s on the H&D Diamonds FaceBook page and you are more than welcome to view it here, just click on the images:

4C's - Colour

4C’s – Colour

4C's - Clarity

4C’s – Clarity



4C's - Carat

4C’s – Carat


4C's - Carat

4C’s – Cut








This brings us to the Fifth C –  Certificate. The certificate is a paper you can easily compare to an identity card. It will tell you all the characteristic of the diamond. Starting from the shape, the dimensions, the colour and clarity and of course the carat weight. It will even include information about the finish of the diamonds such as symmetry,  polish and the width of the culet. If the diamond is round it will grade the cut as well.

Most people buy a certified diamond as a reassurance they got what they’ve paid for. It can also help when an insured jewellery is lost, the certificate will provide a good guide line as to what the lost diamond’s quality was and it will help finding a close to the original replacement diamond.

The certificate contain a lot of information but if it  doesn’t make any sense to you you need to rely on the person selling you the diamond. This leads us to the last C – Confidence.

You should have confidence in your jeweller that he or she understand diamonds. That they know what is the meaning of the certificate and how each element can effect the look of the diamond you are about to buy. They need to be transparent about all the facts, even if they do not compliment the diamond,  so that you can make an informed decision.

H&D Diamonds have no stock so we can only buy for you what you wish to purchase. If you wish to be guided by a diamond grader the service is available free of charge.

If you are after a a diamond ring with a certified diamond or a diamond that is not certified call us now on 0345 600 5557 for your FREE consultation or click on the image below.






Engagement Ring Metals















  Engagement ring metals – which one is right for you?Italiand diamond ring, designer jewellery


There are various things to consider before deciding on which metal to choose for your engagement ring.  All engagement ring metals will look good at first, but a durable metal is a “must have” in order to prevent the band from showing visible signs of scratching or even bending.  The prevalent metals of choice are:  gold or platinum.  Alone, each of these metals in their pure forms are not durable enough to withstand the ensuing daily pressures of knocks and scratches, so they are typically mixed with other metals to form a more durable alloy.  While this adds durability, it obviously has an effect on the value of the mount.   This brings us to our first point of consideration:  the budget.

halo diamond ring, engagement ring

It is important to begin by setting a budget.  Some people say there is a set amount of salary that should be spent on an engagement ring (for example:  “six weeks’ pay”), but it is truly a matter of personal preference.   The choice of stone is often the biggest factor, but the different engagement ring metals are also important to factor into the budget.  Looking ahead, some people like to match the metal of the engagement ring to that of the wedding band, while others think the beauty is in the difference.


Many people choose to go with gold because of historic tradition, style and durability.  Gold in its purest form is too soft to be used in jewellery, so it is often mixed with different metals, such as copper and zinc to form an alloy.  The different alloy metals are what gives the gold different colours or hues.  24 carat gold (which is 99.9% pure gold) or 22 carat (91.7%) are both very soft and can easily misshape or scratch with regular wear.  Because of this, for engagement rings, it is more practical to choose 18, 14 or sometimes even 9 carat gold all of which are more likely to withstand everyday wear.  The hue is a separate issue.

3 stones engagement ring, diamond engagement ring

Yellow gold is one of the most popular colours of gold for engagement rings and it is usually a mixture of gold and both copper and zinc.  Interestingly, yellow gold often improves in colour with age, and never needs to be “re-plated” because the surface is the same as the contents.  Yellow gold is also known for its elegance, and is often considered more sophisticated than white or rose gold.

diamond solitaire engagement ring

White gold is also a very common form of gold for engagement rings. White gold is pure gold mixed with white metals such as silver and palladium, to create an alloy which looks similar in colour to silver.  Many people prefer white gold since it matches easily to many skin tones.  Contrary to popular belief, white gold does not easily tarnish since there is no copper in the mix.   A major disadvantage of white gold is that it is often very brittle, and can sometimes require rhodium or platinum plating, giving the look of platinum without the price tag.

rose gold engagement ring, rose gold diamond ring

Pink gold, also known as “rose gold”, is made by mixing three parts copper to one part gold, giving the ring a rose-pinkish hue whose colour often intensifies with age.  Rose gold rings work best for those with warm skin tones.

Chocolate diamond ring, colour diamond engagement ring

pimnk diamond halo ring, engagment colour diamonds ring

When the jewellery is set with colour diamonds the metal is often chosen to compliment the colour of the diamond.  Rose gold will enhance the beauty of warm colours.

For full description of the rings just click on the images.

We can supply all the engagement rings on our website in either gold or platinum. To schedule your free telephone consultation please call 0345 600 5557. We are only a phone-call away.  Alternatively, click on the image below and send us a message.



Can I see the product before the purchase?

Can I see the product before the purchase with an online shop?

1 carat princess cut engagement ring

Quite a lot of my clients are familiar with the quality of jewellery I provide them with and are happy to point at an image of their choice and order an item suitable to their ring size. But, especially before Christmas, I was approached by new clients who didn’t know the services and quality provided well enough.

Some of the clients have heard about H&D Diamonds from friends, others found us on search engines and although the testimonials for the products and purchase experience is always extremely good and heart warming for us to read there is still a doubt.

Understanding that clients some-times would like to see a product before the purchase there are a few options where we can make that happen.

cache_240_240_BJP0022D 0.40CTS-18CT

When the jewellery is a piece existing on our website, or one we can source from our suppliers, they, just like us do not always have all the designs in stock. This means we can show an exact ring but it may be in the wrong finger size or it might be in white gold and you want it to be made in platinum. By doing so the client can get the feel of what the ring would look like in real life the same way he would in a High Street shop.

But if it is an online shop then how is it done?

The process is very similar to any other online purchase you make. You would never get a dress from a clothing shop in the post and pay for it only if you like it. The same with diamond jewellery. You pay for the item and I will post it to you with an option to return it if you don’t like the jewellery for any reason.

It is always advisable to make contact and have a telephone conversation first. This will ensure the right item was ordered and all the specifications are clear. There are occasions where, if you are living in the Manchester or Cheshire area, I will be able to meet with you to show the jewellery in person.

If the item you wish to purchase is a bespoke one, normally it is done due to the specifications of the diamond. This means the diamond will be certified and the grading of the diamond are as the laboratory specified. In this occasion, if you live in the Manchester or Cheshire area and still wish to see the loose diamond before the setting, the option is available.

When the jewellery is handmade bespoke by our Bond Street jeweller you will be given a choice of designs. The one you like the most is the one that will be produced especially for you. In this case you will not be able to see the final piece until it is done. However, 3D computer generated images will give an accurate look of the final jewellery.

3D Image to client specification

3D Image to client specification

I had many customers who chose a ring just by the image either on the website or once I emailed separately. In all occasions the reaction was the same; “the real jewellery is so much nicer than the image we saw…”

I hope this helps clarify the subject but if there are still areas you wish to discuss I am only a phone call away.

To schedule your free consultation with a diamond and jewellery expert please click on the image below or contact us on 0845 600 557.

Christie’s Magnificent Jewels Spring Sale

Christie’s Magnificent Jewel spring sale in New York

Spring is nearly here and with it comes the yearly Christie’s Magnificent Jewels spring sale in New York. This year the Magnificent Jewels sale will feature over 300 jewellery items and is expected to reach over £40 million.

Visitors this year are in for a real treat. Apart from some of the most amazing jewellery made by Harry Winston, Graff, JAR, Bulgari, Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels there will be stunning loose diamonds on display.

One of the highest jewellery on the list is a natural colour pearl necklace. This four strand necklace makes it to the top of the list as black pearls are rare in nature. Very few alike were sold in the past 50 years and the last to be sold by Christie’s was in 2012. This rare necklace price is estimated to reach near the $4.5 millions.



Another collector’s stunner jewel is Millicent Rogers Heart brooch by Paul Flato. The brooch, which is set mainly with rubies, sapphires for a drape falling off a gold arrow that pierce heart and is set with coloured diamonds, is estimated to be sold in the range of $350,000 – $500,000. his beautiful piece of jewel was designed and often worn by the Standard Oil heiress. The sapphire drape has a yellow gold Latin phrase “Verbum Carro”, meaning “A word to my dear one”.


This will be the right place to be for investors to be. They will be spoilt for choice should their budget allows it. The loose diamonds selection is quite spectacular and I can envisage it will be a tough bidding on some of the diamonds.

The star among the Christie’s Magnificent Jewel sale would be in my opinion the 80.73 carat cushion cut diamond that is estimated selling price is around $5 million. Side by side in hierarchy of importance is a much smaller is size diamond. Although only 5.29 carat in weight, this fancy intense purplish pink diamond has the potential to fetch between $3.5 million to $5 million.


Other beauties will be the 24.49 carat, pear shaped, D, internally flawless diamond that is estimated to be sold at $2.5 million to $3.5 million, and in the coloured diamond section the 5.04 carat circular-cut fancy gray-blue diamond will attract investors in the range of $1.75 million to $2.5 million.

Jewellery Advice in Manchester

Jewellery advice in Manchester is only a phone call away

When buying diamond jewellery, of course it is important you like the design however, this is not the only thing to consider. More often than not you will need jewellery advice, in particular an impartial one. Click on the image below to find out more on how we can help.

bespoke designed jewellery

Sketches of optional rings set with diamonds

Jewellery advice in Manchester that any buyer should look for will include information about the diamonds you purchase and their quality. That usually refers to their colour and clarity. If the diamonds are certified do not look only at the colour and clarity as there are many more aspects to consider. As all the information is stated on the certificate it would be a shame to ignore it. Just like you wouldn’t buy a PC just by the screen size and the colour of the tower, there are a lot more things to consider about the diamond.

One of the things you would want to know about a certified diamond is which laboratory the diamond was certified at.

Why is it important?

Some laboratories are stricter than others. For example, the EGL laboratory no longer can be found on the international platform for certified diamonds as it was found unreliable. In other words, it was upgrading the diamond’s quality on the certificate by more than two grades. So it is not enough to know the diamond is certified, it is also important to know by whom and what the certificate actually say about the diamond beyond the colour and clarity. Click on the image for more information on diamonds.

GIA certified diamond

A GIA Certified Diamond


Depending on the diamond you are getting, which usually depends on your budget, you might want to consider what will be the best setting to enhance the beauty of the diamond. There are times you can compensate on the clarity of the diamond, especially when the flaw can be covered by the setting, and get a better colour of a diamond or larger carat weight.

What if you already possess a diamond item but no longer like it? Will it be tucked in a drawer not to ever be worn again? It could be an old ring that was passed on to you, a present you received a long time ago that no longer represent who you are or even something you bought yourself and are tired of its look.

This is when jewellery advice will be needed most. Many times you can redesign the old stones in a new mount or turn the jewellery into something else. An old ring can become a pendant or a beautiful set of earrings. You might want to add semi-precious stones to your new jewellery. It is important you are aware of the durability of that semi-precious stone, especially if set in a ring, as it tend to be knocked more often than earrings for example.

What about your choice of metal? Would you like to think of the long-term as well as what fashion or trends recommend? Are you suffering from allergies and want to take that into account when choosing your alloy?

At H&D Diamonds you can expect all that support either when purchasing a new item or when reviving an old jewellery piece. Having an online shop means we have no stock so all the jewellery advice we provide is completely impartial and you get exactly what you decide is best for you after the consultation.

To schedule your free consultation with a diamond and jewellery expert please click on the image below or contact us on 0845 600 557.  

Celebrate Mother’s Day Ideas

Celebrate Mother’s Day ideas in a creative way

Mother’s day is coming up in a few weeks time and what better way to remind her how much you love her?

But do you know why it is celebrated?

Originally it was the Greeks and the Romans, who honoured the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele, thus celebrating mothers and motherhood. A more modern celebration was the early Christian festival of ‘Mothering Sunday’. Mothering Sunday was embedded in the United Kingdom and European tradition and was celebrated on the fourth Sunday in Lent. The idea behind it was that the faithful would return to the nearest church to their home, as a coming home to ‘mother church’ for a special service.

Years on and Mother’s Day is not associated in a religious way and is widely celebrated not only in the United Kingdom but world wide.

Mother's Day Ideas, Mother's Day, Diamond jewellery

My mum (1939 – 1996)

Children are encouraged in schools to create a card for their mother, present her with flowers or any other gift they create for her.

If you are reading this post you are sure to be past school age so no teacher will prompt you to do anything and you have to take charge.

To help out a little, I found some creative Mother’s Day ideas I can share with you. You can either use the ideas as presented or change it to give it a more personal touch.

Memory Lane Day

This will require some digging either into your own memory or of a close relative who knew your mum when she was young.

Either come early to her place or sleep there the night before and arrange for her that same breakfast her mother used to give her, or if not that different than her breakfast today, surprise her with her favourite cake or what she’d consider a breakfast treat.

Take her out for the day to a place she used to take you as a child and make a day of it. Remind her about he the fun time you had together or if you can’t remember, ask her to talk about it.

Depending on the location either eat out in a restaurant or have a picnic in the style she used to take for you as a child.

If you can’t come early in the morning start by taking your mum out for the day and invite her over to yours for dinner. This should be a special dinner with dishes that are meaningful to both of you. So you could make the soup she used to make you when you were sick as a child and move on to the dessert she would make only on special occasions.

Box your appreciation

Look for small items that were a milestone in your life. That could be a medal you won at school sport’s day, a souvenir from a holiday you travelled to, your wedding invitation or anything else you feel appreciative for your mother’s way of raising you. Lay it all nicely in a shadowbox and talk her through all the items you displayed. Make sure she knows how grateful you are for everything she’s done for you.

May-be you have siblings who would like to do the same thing and they can join you for dinner?

Treat her

If you do not live close to your mum and you can’t make it to visit her, book her an appointment for something she will consider a treat. That could be a massage, a facial, a pedicure – what would she enjoy? It could be a ticket to the theatre on a later date. Whatever it is you are planning to treat her with, make sure you either telephone her or Skype her for a nice long chat on the day.

Flowers are always nice to receive and regardless how you are going to spend the day with your mum make sure she gets her flowers in time, either by yourself or delivered.

Diamond Pendant

Although your mum will always ever be for you a mum, she is also a woman. And any woman likes a treat. Especially a sparkly one. If you are planning to treat your mum to diamond jewellery, look at pendants or earrings as they do not require the measurement that rings do.

If you need any help or to schedule your free consultation with a diamond expert please click on the image below or contact us on 0845 600 5557 .

The Right Time To Propose

Is there a right time to propose?

I think it is very romantic to say, “I knew it from the first time I saw her/him that they were the right one,” but may-be this statement cannot stand on its own. I am not a marriage consultant but I have read a little about what can make marriage successful-one that will last over time.

halo engagement ring

three stone diamond ring

1 carat princess cut engagement ring

If I could pin-point the magic of making marriage successful, I would put it down to openness. To make sure this is the right time to propose you have to ask yourself if you’ve been open with your partner on subjects that are important to both of you. 

So what do you need to think of?

The first thing you need to accept is that you are two different entities and proposing to her means you want to be together for the rest of your life, all being well. Your differences in personality and the way you were brought up should not be swepped under the carpet so that it won’t ruin the evening. It needs to be discussed and accepted by both sides. It can be a difference in faith, origin or even the way you approach situations.

Your finances are also an important issue to discuss. I don’t mean you should know all about the other side’s savings and incomes but you would like to know habits of spending. This is true for both sides so if one of you likes to go out a lot and the other thinks this is a waste of money it might be a cause for arguments that in time will reflect on your relationship. Also, you need to consider if you can afford sometime in the future to support both your wife and children, as she might need to take time off work.

Think about your goals in life. Is there a match between what you want to achieve in your professional and personal life with the goals of your partner? Is the path you are both walking going to create a solid road you can travel on safely together? If there isn’t a match, does your partner accept this and is she willing to live with your choices? Are you willing to live with hers?

What about your family and friends? Do they support you being a couple? Do they accept your relationship and take your chosen partner as one of their own? Although you think she is marrying you and not your parents, in the long run you want them to get along so family holidays or Christmas dinner will not end up as a disaster.

What are your hobbies? Do you have anything you both like doing? It is OK to have different activities for yourself but it is important to find also a mutual thing you both enjoy doing. It can only strengthen the relationship.

I recently heard a story which I think now is a good time to share with you as it has a good lesson for life.

The Burnt Cookies – A story

When I was a child, I remember my mother used to make cookies. One evening, I remember clearly she came back from work really tired, and when she put the cookies in the oven, she left them there a little too long so they were slightly burnt.

That night she served my father a plate of slightly burnt cookies next to his tea. I remember myself waiting to see if anyone had noticed. I thought my father didn’t notice as he smiled to my mum then looked at me and asked me how was school. I can’t remember what I said but I remember hearing my mother apologising for the burnt cookies and I will never forget his answer to her. He said, “My dear wife, I love slightly burnt cookies.”

At night when he put me to bed I asked him if he really liked burnt cookies. He put his arms around me and told me this: “Your mother had a long day at work and she is really very tired and besides… a slightly burnt cookie never hurt anyone! Life is full of imperfect things that people think should be perfect. I am not the best at everything and over the years I noticed your mother is learning to accept all my faults and chooses to pay attention to all my qualities. Finding the line that connects all our differences is one of the most important things in creating a growing healthy environment and a long term relationship.”

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