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A Push Present – For a New Mum

A Push Present – What is it?

A new baby in the family is celebrated throughout the world regardless to religion, culture or race. In some cultures tradition dictates a new mum gets a gift in others the mum gets a gift for every child she has. This is where the name Push Present comes from.

Push present is usually given to the mum by her husband as a way of showing his appreciation to the wife. The reason for that is that a women’s role during pregnancy and birth is very demanding. This is a time when women often find strength they were not aware they had within themselves. Diamonds are extremely hard yet very beautiful, just as a mother for a new baby is, and this is why diamond jewellery is usually the chosen gift for a push present.

What can you choose for a push present?

Diamond Ring

Most women at this stage of the relationship have already has an engagement ring and a wedding ring. This is the time to spoil your wife with a dress ring she will be happy to wear and show her friends.

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If you are not married and not planning to get married it doesn’t mean the new mum cannot have a lifestyle ring as a push present. It is not hinting towards marriage or engagement however, it is a nice gift to receive.

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Some women suffer from water retention after the pregnancy and the fingers may be a little swollen than they usually are so you might want to do your research regarding the ring size at the beginning of the pregnancy.

Diamond Pendant

Pendants are great as a push present as you cannot go wrong with size and the mum will be able to wear it immediately after receiving the gift. You can choose for a symbolic pendant that express your felling to her like a heart pendant.

diamond heart pendant, a gift for a new mum, push present for a new mum, diamond pendant in Manchester

If your partner already has a halo diamond ring match the pendant with a halo pendant for the push present.

DNP415 0.60CTS-18CT

If the budget doesn’t allow the full on diamond pendant mix it up with a gem stone and you will get an affordable and pretty diamond jewellery.

sapphire and diamond pendant in Manchester, a push present for a new mum, diamond jewellery in Manchester

Diamond Earrings

I would normally recommend to buy stud diamond earring as a push present as babies, when starting growing a little and get curious, will find the sparkly diamond earring that are dangling from mummy’s ears the most exciting things to pull. This can be quite painful for the mum. If you want your partner to wear her push present, and I don’t mean when the baby starting school, then stud earrings should be your choice.

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At H&D Diamonds you can find lots of diamond jewellery to choose from and make a new mum happy. Whether it is a lifestyle ring, a dress ring, a pendant, an earring or bracelets you are sure to find a diamond jewellery for your partner.

For a FREE diamond and jewellery consultation with a diamond grader call 0345 600 5557. Alternatively, click on the image below.

How to Choose a Diamond Pendant

Diamond pendant – What to consider

Diamond Pendant – 0.50ct


Pendants are a popular gift to give to a women. They can be given as a present on a birthday, for the birth of a child, Christmas or anniversary. There isn’t really a bad time for gifting a women with a pendant and even more so with a diamond pendant. So how will get it right?

Rose Shape Diamond Pendant – 0.60ct

Overall shape

First to consider is the overall shape you are after. Are you after a diamond pendant that will be of a statement piece? In that case you might want to consider a larger. If however you know the person who will eventually be wearing the pendant is of the modest type, they might be happy to receive an solitaire pendant. A heart shape pendant will communicate only one thing of course, your love to her.

Drop Heart Shape Diamond Pendant , diamonds in Bolton, diamond jewellery in Bolton

Diamond shape

Most diamond pendants that are set with more than one diamond are of round brilliant shape. But what if you know the person you buy the pendant to doesn’t like, or prefer another shape? You can either look at a cluster in a different shape than a round or opt for a solitaire in the shape of diamond she likes. At H&D Diamonds we can source the suitable mount for any shape of diamond you are after or even create the pendant to your specification.

Halo Diamond & Sapphire Pendant in Urmston, jewellery in Urmston, jewellers of Urmston


Using gemstones is a great way to add some colour to anyone’s day. I would normally recommend having a gemstone jewellery, any type of jewellery, set with diamonds around as it show the beauty of the gemstone in a better light and generally add the sparkle we expect from a diamond. This is ideal especially if you know there is a specific gemstone the other person likes.

BJP0022D 0.40CTS-18CT

Budgeting for a diamond pendant

When buying a diamond pendant, like any other purchase, you should have a general idea of what is the budget you are willing to spend. Generally speaking the price of diamonds rises much higher than the size of the diamond. So you would pay much less on 0.98 carat diamond than on a 1.02 carat diamond just because you have crossed the 1.00 carat mark. In other words, buying several small diamonds that makes up 1.00 in weight will be a lot cheaper than buying a 1.00 carat diamond solitaire. This is where the cluster diamond pendants can help with managing your budget. Alternatively, you could use a gemstone. This choice will also lower the overall price for the pendant since the main centre stone will be anything but diamond.

Diamond Pendant – 0.35ct in Manchester, jewellers of Manchester, diamond jewellery in Manchester

At H&D Diamond website you can find a sample of our jewellery and we keep updating and refreshing the selection. If you haven’t found the pendant you are after please call us on 0345 600 5557 and we will be happy to source the pendant you are after. Alternatively, click on the image below and use the contact form.

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