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Disney’s 60th anniversary

Diamond slipper with Disney’s 60th anniversary


To celebrate Disney’s 60th anniversary, Disney are offering their fans the chance to win a “Disney Diamond” or a “Cinderella glass slipper”, or enjoying a private excursion and dinner in Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure Park.  These are a few of the jaw-dropping prizes that will be won by some fortunate guests during the “Disneyland Diamond Days sweepstakes”, which is marketed as part of the Disneyland Resort “Diamond Celebration” that begins May 22, 2015, to celebrate Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary.


During Disney’s 60th anniversary  celebrations, daily prizes will be awarded to some Disneyland Resort visitors.  Each daily prize package comes with an individual tour of the parks with VIP access to various attractions, dining, and meeting celebrities during some of the spectacular nighttime displays.

The amazing thing is that with some mild conditions, the purchase of a theme park ticket is not a prerequisite to enter or win the sweepstakes.

There are many prizes on offer, but arguably the most exciting ones during Disney’s 60th anniversary celebrations are:  custom-engraved authentic diamonds, made specially for Disney!  Disney says that the stones will be one- and two-carat diamonds!  Winning a Disney Diamond will come with the additional prize of staying in the Disneyland Dream Suite  –  a magical private apartment located above the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction inside Disneyland, based on designs for an apartment for Walt Disney himself (which didn’t materialize in his lifetime).

“Who would want a glass slipper?”, you may ask.   Well, the crystal “Cinderella slipper” is adorned with a diamond-and-topaz pendant.  Now that got our attention!  “Glass” is such a vague word, isn’t it?

Disney’s 60th anniversary celebrations will begin with a fun-filled party on May 22.  A key highlight by the unveiling of three electrifying new nighttime shows, including a moving new presentation “World of Color” celebration which features animation, lights, lasers and music, along with actor Neil Patrick Harris and Mickey Mouse appearing in film sequences on the magical “World of Color” water canvas.

Also, Disney’s 60th anniversary celebrations will feature musical groups performing alongside Disney Characters such as Goofy and Mickey Mouse and guests will join the “Disneyland Band” in a daily Diamond March and singing along with Mickey Mouse’s new single “Happiest Place on Earth”.

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