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Engagement Party Ideas

Engagement party ideas for the couples or their parents


If you’ve never been to an engagement party before, this blog post will give you some party ideas to choose from.

An engagement party is a way to celebrate the spouse to be. Traditionally it is hosted by the bride’s parents but there are no set rules and the groom’s parents, a friend or even the couple themselves can host it.

The party is expected about four months after the proposal and at least six months before the planned wedding date. This gives enough time for the couple to sort their guest list as the wedding will most likely be based on that same list. You might want to check with both sides of parents whether they are already planning one. You could still organise your own engagement party especially if the parents live far away from where you live.

What kind of ‘do should the engagement party be? It is completely up to you. It can be fancy or very laid back, with a theme you both like or something casual. However, as it is a celebration of the couple often there is a slideshow or a video made from different stages of the relationship. It’s fun to add some images from childhood. Normally the story will be told either by a parent, both parents or a friend who knows the couple from the start.

So what do you do at an engagement party?
Mostly toast with the most! It is custom that the bird’s father toasts first, after that the groom and then whoever wishes to congratulate the couple.

With many toasts expected make sure you are stocked up on booze. A classic for such event would be the famous Baby-cham but make sure you have plenty of non alcoholic drinks as well for those who do not indulge.

Food is expected and the style or kind of food is again depending on the style of engagement party you choose. Be sensitive for people’s habits and familiarities of food so you wont end up with hungry guests and lots of leftover food. Have a mixture that includes vegetarian option as well.
The desert should be a wedding cake style of cake or even cupcakes decorated with “congrats” and other symbols such as a ring, presents etc.

Talking about presents, guests are not expected to bring presents to an engagement party as they will be buying them a few months later for the wedding so don’t have a table assigned for presents. Some guests will still feel obliged to come with a present. Put them aside and open in privacy after the party is over to prevent the uneasy feeling the one who came empty handed might experience.

I was once invited to a Moroccan style engagement party. We sat in an English garden under a tent on low stools where all the floor was carpeted. The food was amazing and so was the atmosphere. How about you? Have you been to an interesting engagement party? It would be nice if you would share your experience the comments.


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