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Gay Wedding Rings

Background and considerations – gay wedding rings

Many people will be celebrating the legalisation of gay marriage in the UK.  Gay couples formalising their relationship might want to consider buying their first engagement rings.  At present, most jewellers only offer engagement rings for women.

At H&D Diamonds we think gay as well as straight guys should not be left out  –  if you are for equality of the sexes than the management is for you.  If you stand for true equality of the sexes and sexual orientation, then the we at H&D stand with you.

Whether you’re planning on taking the engagement or management route, we strongly recommend you consider what it will look like next to a wedding band.  Among the questions you might want to ask yourselves are:

Do we want the two rings to match?

Would we rather wear the two rings together or on opposite hands?

There is no right or wrong of course, only points for consideration before the historic purchase of an item of jewellery which will forever mark the once-in-a-lifetime occasion.  So, no pressure then!


Although same sex marriage is relatively new in the UK the wedding ring is used as a symbol of love since Egyptian times and gay wedding rings are have no other meaning.  The ring was worn on the third finger because of the ancients’ belief that the vein that leads to the heart was in that finger.  The wedding rings are made of precious metals as a symbol for the future wealth to come into the couple’s life, as a symbol of commitment and love in the present with the hope it will last in the future too.  In some cultures the wedding ring is one of many given to the partner throughout the relationship.  A trend whose origins date back a while starts with the so-called “promise ring”, the engagement ring, the wedding ring, and then the eternity ring.  Typically , the eternity is a band consisting of diamonds going all the way around it.  However, since half of infinity is still infinite, and since it is both more comfortable to wear and not-so-dear to purchase many couples opt for the “half-eternity” ring instead, often accompanied by a renewal of vows.


Traditionally, gold was used for commitment rings or wedding bands as part of the Groom’s way of signalling to the bride’s family and friends that he is more than capable of financially supporting his beloved chosen partner.  Add to that the fact that gold was often connected to the sun, traditionally seen as a symbol of the sustenance of life, it is not surprising that gold became the popular metal of choice.

In modern times, marriage is not solely entered into for the benefit of  financial conveniences to one partner or both.  Marriage is still seen as the formalisation of a spiritual and emotional connection between two people. With the rise of alternative fashion influences and trends, other alloys entered the scene.  We can now see wedding rings in other metals such as platinum and palladium to match the white metal trend.  Silver rings were once fairly popular too, and white metals are traditionally seen as symbolic of purity.

With the legislation comes the notion that “a wedding is a wedding”, and in turn, with that comes the notion “a wedding ring is a wedding ring” regardless of your sexuality.  Same-sex couples can choose to have matching rings, just as many straight couples do, or alternatively they could opt to highlight their individual preferences by having different rings, each reflecting their unique personality and preferences.  Most rings designs can be found in yellow or white gold, platinum or palladium. If you prefer the white wedding band then yellow gold, platinum and palladium is what we recommend you should look at.  If you have already have an engagement ring and you cannot find a wedding ring to match the design of your ring you can always have a bespoke wedding ring. This bespoke ring will be manufactured especially to fit your existing ring.

Should you wish to create your own designed wedding band to commemorate milestones you have gone through together as a couple, you might want to consider the bespoke route.  At H&D Diamonds we work closely with the very best jewellers in Bond-Street who could help you design and create your very own personalised dream wedding ring.

Many couples like to have diamonds set in their wedding band, giving the ring a ‘lift’.  The use of gems in wedding rings is a very old tradition, and one that is becoming fashionable once again, especially for gay wedding bands, signifying the gay pride rainbow flag.  We prefer using diamonds for that matter as they sparkle better and are more durable.

gay and lesbian wedding ring


Whatever your choice, we at H&D wish you every success and would be happy to help you with more information.

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