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Celebrate Mother’s Day Ideas

Celebrate Mother’s Day ideas in a creative way

Mother’s day is coming up in a few weeks time and what better way to remind her how much you love her?

But do you know why it is celebrated?

Originally it was the Greeks and the Romans, who honoured the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele, thus celebrating mothers and motherhood. A more modern celebration was the early Christian festival of ‘Mothering Sunday’. Mothering Sunday was embedded in the United Kingdom and European tradition and was celebrated on the fourth Sunday in Lent. The idea behind it was that the faithful would return to the nearest church to their home, as a coming home to ‘mother church’ for a special service.

Years on and Mother’s Day is not associated in a religious way and is widely celebrated not only in the United Kingdom but world wide.

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My mum (1939 – 1996)

Children are encouraged in schools to create a card for their mother, present her with flowers or any other gift they create for her.

If you are reading this post you are sure to be past school age so no teacher will prompt you to do anything and you have to take charge.

To help out a little, I found some creative Mother’s Day ideas I can share with you. You can either use the ideas as presented or change it to give it a more personal touch.

Memory Lane Day

This will require some digging either into your own memory or of a close relative who knew your mum when she was young.

Either come early to her place or sleep there the night before and arrange for her that same breakfast her mother used to give her, or if not that different than her breakfast today, surprise her with her favourite cake or what she’d consider a breakfast treat.

Take her out for the day to a place she used to take you as a child and make a day of it. Remind her about he the fun time you had together or if you can’t remember, ask her to talk about it.

Depending on the location either eat out in a restaurant or have a picnic in the style she used to take for you as a child.

If you can’t come early in the morning start by taking your mum out for the day and invite her over to yours for dinner. This should be a special dinner with dishes that are meaningful to both of you. So you could make the soup she used to make you when you were sick as a child and move on to the dessert she would make only on special occasions.

Box your appreciation

Look for small items that were a milestone in your life. That could be a medal you won at school sport’s day, a souvenir from a holiday you travelled to, your wedding invitation or anything else you feel appreciative for your mother’s way of raising you. Lay it all nicely in a shadowbox and talk her through all the items you displayed. Make sure she knows how grateful you are for everything she’s done for you.

May-be you have siblings who would like to do the same thing and they can join you for dinner?

Treat her

If you do not live close to your mum and you can’t make it to visit her, book her an appointment for something she will consider a treat. That could be a massage, a facial, a pedicure – what would she enjoy? It could be a ticket to the theatre on a later date. Whatever it is you are planning to treat her with, make sure you either telephone her or Skype her for a nice long chat on the day.

Flowers are always nice to receive and regardless how you are going to spend the day with your mum make sure she gets her flowers in time, either by yourself or delivered.

Diamond Pendant

Although your mum will always ever be for you a mum, she is also a woman. And any woman likes a treat. Especially a sparkly one. If you are planning to treat your mum to diamond jewellery, look at pendants or earrings as they do not require the measurement that rings do.

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