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Bridesmaids and The wedding party

Who to choose to be your wedding party?

Traditionally the wedding party includes maid of honour and best man, bridesmaids and Groomsmen, rings bearers and flower girls. However, in many cases couples choose to have a small and intimate wedding where the traditional wedding party will outnumber the guests. I will explain the role of each member for the party but you can decide for yourself if you want to include all members of the wedding party or pick and chose the one suitable to you and the nature of your wedding.

It is important to remember that being part of the wedding party include a high level of responsibility and financial expense. Before you ask anyone take moment to consider who is best for the role, ensure they are aware of the commitment and what it entail. Do not expect everyone to say yes and be ready with plan B should one of them cannot for any reason to commit.

So why do we need so many people ion our party? and what are their roles?

The maid of honour:

Traditionally this role was saved for the closest in age sister of the bride. Today you can ask a close friend, a parent or event an adult child.

The maid of honour’s role is similar to the one of a personal assistant in a way. She is the one that delegates the wishes of the bride to the other bridesmaids and sometimes even the guests. She will also be the one who will help the bride with her dress shopping and the ones of the bridesmaids and organise the wedding shower and sometimes the bachelor party. The maid of honour should also be able to provide emotional support when needed, and in times of stress you may have some sensitive moments. If the person you had in mind is disorganise you might want to reconsider your choice. However, if you have two best friends and both are capable of doing the role there is no rule saying you can’t have two maids of honour.

At the wedding the maid of honour will be right behind the bride on her way to the alter, will hold the bouquet at the ceremony and tending to the veil.

The Best Man:

As with the Bride of Honour, this role use to be manned by the brother of the groom however, any good friend, as long as he is willing to take on the responsibility, will be good for the role.

Just like the bride of honour, the best man’s role comes with plenty of responsibility. From helping the groom with choosing the tuxedos, making sure everyone arrives on the measurements day and planning the bachelor party. He will also be by the side of the groom in the ceremony and may hold the rings. During the reception the best man will be the man who keeps the gift envelopes safely and will be usually the first to raise a toast at the reception and will usher the couple safely at the end of the party.


There is no right or wrong number of bridesmaids you should decide on but the team is usually consist of a good friend or a couple of them, a relative and the goom’s sister.

The bridesmaid will help the maid of honour in executing the tasks under her responsibility. They may help plan the wedding shower party and will be buying the dress were asked to. It is nice to consult with the bridesmaid as to the style of dress as different women will have different dress shape to complement their figure. In many weddings the bridesmaid will have same material chosen for the dresses but with different pattern to complement their body shape. After all, you would want your bridesmaids to feel comfortable and happy with the way the look on your day. At the ceremony they usually walk before the maid of honour and at times will be paired with the groomsman.

It is customary for the bride to give the bridesmaid a gift showing her appreciation to their contribution on her big day. Mostly a jewellery is the chosen gift but all gifts are acceptable if they make the bridesmaid happy. Like with the dresses, not all gifts have to be the same but they should be of the same value. All apart from the bride of honour who should have a gift that is of a higher value for she contributed most.


Just like the bridesmaids you want around you people you feel comfortable with and that are close to you. They could be a brother or few of them, the brother of the bride or a very good friend.

The groomsmen are the one who will help organise the bachelor party before the wedding and make sure they are all fitted for their tuxedo the buy for the wedding day. They will be most noticeable on the wedding day as they will be in the procession next to the bridesmaids in the ceremony and will be ushering guests to the reception venue. It is important to have as many helpers as possible at this time , especially with a large wedding, it can get overwhelming.

As the bridesmaid they too are given a token of appreciation by the groom. It is usually a small luxury item but if you are not sure about what they may like a gift voucher can be a good option. As with the bridesmaids the gift doesn’t have to be the same but the value should be similar. The best man should receive a slightly more expensive gift as a thank you for his extended contribution.

Ring bearers and the flower girls:

If you have small children you both feel particularly close too they can have this roles. The role of the ring bearer, as the name suggest, carry the rings on a small pillow. If he is too young you can gently saw the rings to the cushion. He will walk with the flower girl before the bride down the aisle, who will hold a basket and scatter petals as she walks towards the alter. Both will be dressed with your input to the chosen outfit but we suggest you be sensitive to the parent’s budget. It is recommendable the children are not younger than 5 years old and you should bare in mind they are just kids and you might have a shy child who will not want to be in the centre of attention. If you are not emotionally connected to any particular child you can pass their official roles to the bridesmaids and the best man.

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