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The Blue Moon Diamond

The Blue Moon diamond – flawless on auction

This year November is a truly exciting month. Only last week I shared with you the details of the Christie’s cushion-shaped stone, dubbed “In the Pink”, that was to go on auction this Tuesday and is estimated to sell for $23-28 million or even higher. The day after that will be Sotheby’s auction with the amazing Blue Moon diamond.

The Blue Moon diamond is a “fancy vivid” blue diamond which may break a record as Sotheby’s listing its projected sale price at between $35-$55 million (32-51 million euros).


AP Images/Kirsty Wigglesworth Model Charlene Bonnithon wears the rare Blue Moon Diamond at Sotheby’s auction rooms in London.

The flawless “Blue Moon” stone was discovered in South Africa in January last year, and is the largest cushion-shaped stone in that category ever to appear at auction. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) graded the diamond to be internally flawless” and it was categorised as vivid blue diamond.

Sotheby’s is aiming to beat its own record of colour diamonds. Their last record was set in November 2010 in Geneva, with a 24.78ct pink diamond, known as the Graff Pink, fetched $46 million. The record sale for a blue diamond so far came in November last year, when a 9.75 carats fetched $32.6 million at an auction in New York.

There is a good chance the record will be broken this Wednesday when the head of Sotheby’s international jewellery division describe the Blue Moon as “ “a simply sensational stone of perfect colour and purity.”

The Blue Moon weighs 12.03 carats and will be traveling for viewing in Hong Kong, London and New York before arriving to the auction in Geneva on November 11th.

Sotheby’s Rare Blue Moon Diamond

Sotheby’s Rare Blue Moon Diamond – 12.03ct

It is the nearly the end of September and the Sotheby’s blue diamond seem to be the magnet for the October auction.


The 12.03 rare internally flawless blue moon diamond is one of its kind. It is the largest ever cushion cut diamond to appear on auction. Sotheby’s will  be auctioning this rare blue moon diamond on November 11 at the Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels sale in Geneva.


The diamond got its name the ‘Blue Moon Diamond’  due to the rarity of its flawless clarity and its the highest possible colour grading for blue diamonds. The name stems from the expression ‘once in a blue moon’ symbolising the rarity of the diamond.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) which gave the diamond the highest possible grading given fro blue diamonds and state the colour of the diamond was “likely to have never before been seen within such a large diamond or any gemstone.” GIA also state that “While any diamond with natural blue coloration is a rare discovery, some are so exceptional that they emerge only once in a lifetime. The Blue Moon Diamond is one of those remarkable occurrences.”


Due to its condition and rarity, the diamond is estimated to be sold for a price somewhere between $35 million and $55 million (£22.5m – £35.5m). The diamond will be exhibit in Hong Kong October 2-6, in London October 18-22 and in New York City October 30 to November 1. From there, it’ll travel to Geneva for auction.






Princess Mathilde’s pink diamond

Princess Mathilde’s pink diamond sells for $15.9 million

I cannot imagine the atmosphere at the Sotheby’s Gevena sale today (Tuesday) when the 8.72 carat pink diamond was auctioned. The diamond that was part of the collection owned by Princess Mathilda Bonaparte was sold today for $15.9 million.

“The Historic Pink Diamond” as described by Sotheby’s was in a bank vault since 1940s before resurfaced again for auction. However, the auction house kept the buyer’s name from the public eye.

The diamond has two strong qualities; it’s heritage and it’s natural qualities.

Princess Mathilda Bonaparte was the niece of Napoleon I but she was also related to king George II and the Russian tsar. She had a collection of pearls, diamonds and other jewellery that were compared by Sotheby’s to the collection of Empress Eugenie, Napoleon III wife.

After she died in 1904 it is thought that the vibrant cushion-cut pink diamond was auctioned in Paris in June that year and later bought by a US senator William Andrews Clark. After he died in 1925 the stone was passed to his daughter, Hugette Marcelle, who died in 2011.

As for the natural qualities of the diamond apart from the size it enjoys one of the rarest colours of colour diamonds, the pink. It also has a classic non-modified cushion-cut shape that was prized by Sotheby’s.

Colour diamonds is consider as a strong market by Sotheby’s and especially the pink diamond.



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