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Stag Night – How to organise it well

Stag night to remember for years to come

Stag night or do has initial connotation with a bunch of guys getting very drunk over one weekend. And may be because the majority of stag dos turn to be very alcoholic it is important to make sure it is organise well in advance so everyone can enjoy their time. Stag night is for the best man to organise. To make this a successful stag night or weekend there are a few clear rules to remember. Some are similar to the what the bride of honour will follow when she plans the hen night. 

Who is invited to the stag night?

This depends of course on how large or intimate you want the event to be. Are you planning something that will get together friends from primary school all the way to adulthood life? Will you include colleagues from work? The brother or dad in-law to be?

It might be a good idea to ask the groom to be who does he want to have in his stag night. If he chooses to have a large party with people who may not all each other the rule to follow is one: They should all be fun people to be with. How will you know? That’s what friends are for. If you are not familiar with all the people then simply ask others about them. If you are planning to include relatives from the bride to be side you should take into consideration there will be restrictions on how loose the groom to be can go. If you think he is not to be trusted under the influence of the alcohol then take them off the list.

How much should you spend?

Stag do varies in costs depending on the number of people invited, location chosen and other activities planned. If you are planning the stag weekend outside the UK you might find cheap flights to Europe but you want to make sure you and the rest of the crew knows the local rules. You don’t want anyone ending the event behind bars in a foreign country.

When deciding on location and activities you want to consider who is invited. You don’t want anyone to over stretch themselves financially or miss out on the event for financial reasons.

You might be able to spread the costs as some things you will need to pay well in advance and others closer to the date. In any case, make sure all your bookings are paid for by the attendees. Although people in general are nice and can be trusted, when it comes to organising the stag night I strongly recommend you do not tray away from this rule. After the event people can forget or be bound to other commitment. The last thing you want is to to be chasing people for money months after the stag night.

Any dress code?

I know it might sound a bit daft but personally I like seeing groups of grown-up people dressing in the same theme style on a stag or hen nights. Apart from being able to recognise a ‘team member’ from a far, especially if you are in a crowded place, it also shows you are still young at heart, good friends and are up for a good time. Understandably, a themed dress code may not suit all activities but it can be used at some of them.

What sort of activities?

There are lots of fun daytime activities ranging from go carting, paint balling, high rope climbing, Jeep navigation challenge, archery and much more. The choice on the right activity for your party should be made on the cost and the number of participants. You don’t want people queuing for their turn in an activity.

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