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Summer or Winter Wedding?

Would you rather a winter or summer wedding?

You’ve just got engaged, summer is here now and it seems that would be the perfect timing to have your wedding. Or is it the cosy atmosphere that naturally comes with a winter wedding and the Christmas atmosphere you are after?

There are of course pros and cons to both weddings so I thought the best way is to look at all the options to help you make up your mind.


Starting with the venue of course the options are greater when it comes to a summer wedding as you can choose for an outdoor wedding. However, you can never be sure of the British weather and it can rain even in the middle of summer. This is where a marquee can help.

If you are after a white wedding with snow, a Christmas tree for decoration then of course winter wedding should be your choice. Just like you cannot count on a summer wedding to be sunny there is no guarantee for snow on a winter wedding day. One way top create the magic is using artificial snow flakes. You can always choose a venue with open fire and a conservatory to bring the light in. However if it is a dark day than candle lights as part of the decoration the general white wedding theme would help.

Making the most of your budget is also a point of consideration when deciding whether you are going to have a summer or winter wedding. With summer being most popular season for wedding the prices of venues are higher than in winter, especially on Saturdays. If you rather have a summer wedding you might want to consider a mid-week wedding to cut costs.

If we are looking at your guest’s budget than winter, especially close to Christmas, might be a difficult time for their finances.

Another thing to consider in summer is the availability of your guests in summer time, which is usually where most people are on holiday and some of your guests may not be around to celebrate your day. Winter, on the other hand, is a time when people get closer to their family and a gathering such as on a winter wedding day will stand out since most weddings are done in summer. As winter weddings are not as popular you may also be able to strike a deal with the venue who will be keen to book the place.

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Summer is when most flowers bloom so you will find the flower arrangement cheaper on a summer wedding compared with the deals you will get on your winter wedding.

Food wise you are looking at totally two different menus. Summer menu is usually light and refreshing while in a winter reception you could use traditional for the season mulled wine, mince pies, sausages, soup and other warming and rich type of food.

One of my clients who recently bought their engagement and wedding rings told me about her wedding plans which fits her budget. Her plan was to travel to Greece is September with the photographer and some close members of the family for the wedding ceremony. By September England is no longer a place for an outdoor wedding however, the flights to Greece are at off-pick prices and the Greek weather will be just perfect for a summer wedding. When back home the plan is to throw a party for all their friends. I thought I’ll this was an idea worth sharing.

If you are planning your winter wedding or your next spring/summer wedding for your wedding ring. Alternatively, click on the image below and leave a message and I will get back to you.

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