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Dressing the wedding table

Tips for dressing the wedding table

The most important thing in dressing the wedding table is get the balance right. The meaning of that is make sure all the elements involved dressing the wedding table complement one another as oppose to compete on attention with each other.

When we look at the component that helps dressing the wedding table we include the table’s centre piece, the table decoration, the chair covers and sometimes hanging decoration.

You can find a lot of the decoration on a website such as Amazon and you can get family members to help out with some home made decoration.

The key in dressing the wedding table right is in the planning. You may have an idea of your table’s look but if you didn’t try it before, put the items and the material next to one another it may not look quite right as everything is in the details.

If you already have an idea of the colour theme of your wedding it makes everything a lot easier.

Starting with the centre piece, there are many styles to choose from. You might like the wishing tree centrepiece.




In 2015 there is a trend of going transparent and this can include a glass bowl as a centerpiece on a glass mirror plate. This can be filled with flowers, crystals, candles or a combination of them. 




The Shabby Chic bird cage centerpiece is also very popular and timeless.





In any case, you want to make sure the centrepiece is not too high and blocking the eye line of the guests sitting on the other side of the table or too low and unnoticeable.

Flowers can make a beautiful centre piece and using different colour scheme can make the centre piece either vibrant and eye catching, or stylish and classy. Ideally you want to communicate the tone you wish to have as a centre piece to the floweriest. The floweriest can match the flowers from the wedding ceremony to the wedding reception so it will all flow and lead to the centre piece.

An incrementally talented floweriest from Cheshire, which I will be happy to recommend, is Emma Fawcett – Eustace.

Candles are also a popular choice when it comes to the centrepiece. Candle light gives a romantic glow and an intimate atmosphere. They can be part for the overall decoration of the venue and will set the right tone for the speech or the cutting of the cake.





The centrepiece will look bare without finishing touch of confetti, in white or cream colour for a classic effect or in silver for a sparkly effect. Similarly diamonds like decoration will sparkle brightly especially around candles. In some wedding the table will be decorated with petals.



Wedding favours used to be handed out to guests when they were leaving however I have seen some people putting it on the table as part of the decoration. With this in mind you have just one more thing to add to matching it with the rest of the table.

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What are wedding favours?

Wedding favours

Wedding favours is the only part of your wedding your guest will be able to take home as a reminder of your special day.

Most guest are expecting it and not producing wedding favours on your day may even be interpreted as rude.

So where did this tradition originated?

Wedding favours – history

Hundreds of years ago it was a tradition for aristocrats all over Europe to send with their wedding guest a little present on their way home call Bonbonniere. The Bonbonniere was a little box made of metal, porcelain, precious stones or crystal. The box was filled with confection made of sugar and the idea was that the guest can savour the flavour of the wedding when home.

This tradition carried on till today although as most of us are not aristocrats the little box is made of a much cheaper material.

What to send the guests home with?

There are several options for wedding saviour from keeping the tradition of giving sweets away to sending non-edible items your guests can keep.

Whichever favours you are planning to give to your guest you will need a nice rapping or a box. I had a look around and saw some lovely boxes. Click on each image from more information:

If we follow the hundreds years long tradition than we ought to fill these beautiful boxes with some kinds of sweets or chocolates. Hearts are always a favourite and you can choose between traditional love hearts to personalised love hearts or mint hearts. You can even mix the lots with some Mr & Mrs rock sweets.

If you are the chocolaty type than you can choose from a variety of heart shaped chocolate depending on your wedding theme from silver wrapping chocolate heart, purple wrapping chocolate, ivory colour wrapping chocolate or gold wrapping colour chocolate.

But you can always opt for an individually wrapped ‘just married’ chocolate in silver theme or gold theme.

Some people prefer to give a wedding favour that will last a little longer than sweets r chocolate. By the variety of bubbles I saw on offer I take it is quite popular. I found wand bubbles and champagne glass bubbles, purple heart bubbles and a cute wedding cake bubbles.

Other non-edible favours were personalised lucky sixpence;

and personalised love hearts.

Other ideas are buy separately small glass bottles and fill them up with either cubic zircon or flowers made of material.

Some brides told me they were going to bake cupcakes and put them in a little wedding favour box other told me they were planning to put to heart shape little tea lights.

To save on costs you can use, instead of a box simple organza bags that comes in many colours to suite your theme.

In my opinion the most important thing is to enjoy the experience. If you have a sibling or a sibling in-law you can make it a fun activity when you all sit together and fill up the boxes or bags over while you chat away or plan together the little details of your wedding day.

I hope you have a great day and if you haven’t ordered your rings yet then now is the time. Call me on 0345 600 5557 or click on the image bellow and I will be happy to help you.

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