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Winter Wedding Video

How to plan for your winter wedding?

Videos are now a near essential in any wedding. Of course you can catch moments with photography but you wouldn’t be able to hear the best man’s speech, the music of the first dance or the cheers of your friends and family when you leave the wedding ceremony.

I was giving the stage in the past for a videographer who covered mainly area of considerations before the wedding. However, I thought winter weddings may need their own attention and for that I approached Geoff of TudnoTV .

Geoff was interested in photography and videos since his teens. He has a Foundation Degree in Digital Media and Television Production as well as years of experience in both filming and editing techniques. Five years ago Geoff decided to turn his passion into his profession.

Geoff is very passionate about the work he does and even spends most of his spare time, honing and polishing both filming and editing skills, as well as practicing his hobby of landscape and aerial photography.

After this introduction I’ll pass it on to the expert himself to talk about winter weddings. Over to you Geoff…

Here at TudnoTV, we get asked to provide wedding video services all year round, not just in the traditional summer months.

An autumn or winter wedding can be a challenge, not just for your photographer or videographer, but for everyone involved.

A cold and/or wet day is not a very inspiring back drop for photos or video, issues with brides maids dresses, wedding cars and guests that you may not encounter in the summer months all conspire to make things that bit more challenging

Having said that any professional videographer worth his salt will come prepared with showerproof camera covers which enable the equipment to still be used, a large umbrella to help shelter guests and anyone else who may need it, so that we can still get those shots that everyone wants.

Other things to consider if planning a winter wedding are should you have a reception marquee or a proper brick built place like a hotel or other venue.

A few years ago, we were filming at a wedding in December, I think it was around the 21st. The bridesmaids got soaked, and hair do’s were all over the place. They had a marquee which really felt like it was about to take off every few minutes and because it was so cold, and everyone wanted the heat blowers on, the ice sculpture did not last long. The couple took it in their stride as they were outdoorsy types anyway, and they loved the wedding video.

A few other things to consider, winter or summer, are the position of the bride and grooms table. From the point of view of video and photography, in front of a big window is not ideal, as it means everyone is in silhouette.

Also consider getting the best man to tell everyone that might be speaking where the cameraman is. Only a few weeks ago I filmed a wedding in North Wales and all went well until a speech by someone not on the main table made his humorous speech….with his back to the camera the whole time!!

As wedding videographers, we like to be unseen and unheard, we move amongst the wedding party, ninja like, getting the shots we need to put together a lovely DVD for you to keep forever as a living, laughing, fun way to remember your special day. To this end we are very unlikely to tell you what to do and interrupt the day. 

This is a sign of good “fly on the wall” wedding videographer. 

One that sets everything up to suit himself rather than being in the background and getting everything as it happens is not the way to go. Photographers do that because they have too. Videographers don’t. We just film the day as it happens.

Here’s a short showreel of some of our wedding footage.

Winter Wedding Video

To book your wedding with TundoTV please contact Geoff directly via this link or click on the image below.

Winter wedding video

Top Five Tips for Wedding Video

Wedding video – what you should note

After publishing the helpful blog on wedding photography I have been asked to write about wedding video. As always, I like to get this information from the professionals. Luckily, Cheshire is blessed with talented people which I happened to know in person.

The decision was not easy but eventually I asked Rebekah Nangle, founder of Fireseed Films to share from her knowledge and experience.

Fireseed video for H&D Diamonds

Fireseed Films, a film production company based in Knutsford, Cheshire, specialises in a variety of films from training videos to product demonstrations and of course wedding videos have their popularity. Rebekah explains there are many similarities and common themes that apply to most films thay produce whether they are for corporate or private clients. However there are some specific key points that particularly apply to filming a wedding.


Over to you Rebekah…

Filming a wedding can seem a daunting task to a new comer. However a bit of thought and preparation will make the whole experience for everybody much more relaxed and enjoyable. It will also ensure the end result is as successful as possible.

The main difference between filming a wedding and making say a training video is the lack of control you have over the proceedings. You only get one chance to capture the moment, people will obscure your view, make unwelcome noises and so on. These types of things cannot be completely avoided but don’t have to affect the end result by applying some thought and minimising the impact by clever editing.

These are the key success factors for your wedding video:

Do your research

The online world is fuddled with wedding videos. This is an excellent place for you to check out different styles, or even parts of videos that you like. Create a list with links of videos you liked down to noting the minute in the film you liked or disliked. The more you look at videos the clearer the picture will be in your mind of what you would like to achieve in your own wedding video.

It is personal

No matter how much experience the video photographer has and how much your friends praised him or her there is only two people that know what they want, and that is yourself! It is your wedding and it is really good if you know what you want to achieve from the video however, the videographer is the one with the experience and knowledge. His guidance may assist in shaping your views so be attentive and open to suggestions. If the videographer ideas are very different to yours make sure you communicate that well. Remember that you are hiring the videographer to record and provide a memory of the most important day of your life. Good close and personal communication between yourself and the videographer will ensure that you get the result you are looking for, and are comfortable with the person you hired being present at what is a very personal occasion.

Over Prepare.

The wedding will be organised to the last detail so you should your video. You should write down what exactly are parts you saw else where and want to be included in your video. Make sure the person you hired has this same list to follow to prevent disappointments after the event.


If you are planning surprises to your guests either during the speeches or the first dance make sure your video man knows about it. He will then be able to prepare with the right equipment. You wouldn’t want to compromise on those moments in the final wedding video.

Stay calm on your first dance.

Many couples feels a little uneasy about the first dance. It is very different when everyone is dancing with you than being on your own on the dance floor and all the eyes are on you. Try and stay focus on one another. Looking in each other’s eyes and leaving the rest of the world behind is something you will do many times in your marriage life. This will make sure the video will capture your feelings to one another as well as moments of possible intimate jokes between you.

If you require further information about how Fireseed Films can help you please contact Rebekah  or call on 07852 299294.

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