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Giving Away the Bride

Giving away the bride – Tradition Vs. modern lives

Giving away the bride is a tradition from the times when daughters were considered as part of the ‘property’ of the father or owned by him. On the wedding day the father would be giving the bride, his daughter, to the groom who would be the new owner. The bride was given in return for a bride price or dowry.

Some brides to be will be happy to follow the tradition. Have their father giving them away will be respectful towards the dad’s years of raising them up. Some fathers would like to take the opportunity to show his love to his daughter just like this father did in this YouTube video

Many brides to be, however, do not feel very comfortable with the idea behind this tradition for various reasons. If this is how you feel here are a few options you may consider in reply for the officiant question: Who gives this women to be married to this man?

Today, many couples in relationships are sharing a home together before the marriage day. An independent women may feel odd or even belittled by the idea that she is being considered as one or another’s property. If this is you and you do not wish to be given away by your father you could answer: She gives herself with the whole family’s support.

You could also ask the officiant to change the question and instead of asking about giving away the bride ask one of the parents or both if they gave their blessing for the marriage.

Some couple prefer to sway away from the tradition of giving away the bride by the father but like to share the appreciation to both parents of bride and groom. When that is the case the officiant may include in his initial speech that the couple standing there are part of a greater family tree. A tree that has gave them love, support, traditions and knowledge throughout their lives. This will follow by approaching both parents of the bride and groom in tern and asking them, as the representative of the whole family, if they will take the bride or the groom to their family and hearts. This way you achieve equality between the bride, the groom and both their parents. It also respect the families of each other and their importance in getting their ofsprings to this very special day in their life.

Some people, especially when marrying at an older age, feel they have not been shaped to whoever they are just by their family but also by their circle of friends who they chose to share their celebration with. You can include them all by slightly changing the official’s question and asking who has the honour of presenting this women to be married to this man?’. A question that can be answered by the person who is giving away the bride on behalf of the family and her friends.

Choosing any of the non traditional versions of giving away the bride is a way to include your family, your partner’s family and may be even your friends.

You can talk to the official about your wishes in the ceremony and he or she should accommodate accordingly.

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