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How to organise the hen night party

How to organise the hen night party successfully

I previously wrote about the wedding party and the role of the bride of honour. One of the things that is under the bride of honour’s ‘to do list’ is organising the hen night party.

Firstly, is there going to be a theme dress code for everyone involved? It is a very good way to spot your party in a crowded place.


Organising the hen night party should be discussed with the bride to be. She will be able to tell if there are people on the list that may not get along with one another. Depending on the size of the party and the type of people you invite you will be able to decide what sort of party will suite most. You might even want to consider splitting the party. After all not every mum and auntie would enjoy a hen night party that has a naughty side to it. So you could start the party with an activity suitable to all and continue in a smaller scale party into the night.

Most popular activities are:

Recreational – you can start your day with a recreational activity you can all enjoy. That could be anything from cycling together as a group, horse riding, mountain climbing, a yoga class or any other activity you know most if not all the attendees will enjoy. It doesn’t matter if it is their first time ever giving it a go. In fact it can be really funny and there is nothing wrong with having a bit of a laugh at the hen night party.

Pampering – most people will enjoy a bit of pampering and that can be arrange at any local or other city of choice SPA. You can also have a make party, massage party. Some companies will be happy to let you try their cosmetics at a home party and that could also be a pampering idea.

Before you continue into your night away and also as a way of having some quality time together there is nothing that gets people together better than food.

You can either book a place and have everyone sitting together before some of the party will depart to their daily life while you continue with the closest friends of the bride to be for the rest of the day. Alternatively you can organise a cooking party where you get a professional coming to teach you how to cook a favourite dish or dishes the groom to be likes. This can be a fun activity for all and you get to eat at the end of it.

As most hen night parties involve drinking alcohol it will be a good idea to eat something before you start your night away. Speaking of which, make sure you organise the hen night party date to be at least a week before the big day so hangover will spoil it.

Once you said good bye to some of the party and stayed with the core that will either spend the rest of the evening with you or go away with you for the rest of the weekend move on to you next activity. That can be a show you booked in advance or a cocktail party served by minimal dressed waiters. It is really down to your preferences and what you think will be fun for the bride to be or her friends.

It is important however to keep some things in order to make this a successful hen night party. If you are booking shows or any other activities for the day that require payment in advance, and most do, make sure everyone paid before the day. Don’t count on promises to pay after the event as these promises can leave a bad taste.

Bare in mind who is invited and make sure the activities you choose will not stretch their budget beyond their means. You can even share your thoughts with the people involved and get an idea of their thoughts.

Plan the event well in advance and make sure all the guests can make it for the day. As you are going to be in more than one place and some attendees may not stay for the whole party make sure you have an itinerary and that everyone knows where to be and what is the meeting point. It will not be a nice experience to try and look for anyone in a room full of people.

A present to the bride to be is always nice. This could be something that the people involved have created like a scrap book with fun times to remember from the pre marriage days.

Lastly, but not least in importance, if you are planning an alcoholic night make sure you pace the day and drink plenty of fluid. You want the night to be remembered as a fun night.

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