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Diamonds can only be found in natural geological environments. Those are the Kimberlite Rock and the Placer Deposits or Alluvial Deposits. There are not many places in the world that have these conditions. In fact, the only places that has are Africa, India, Russia, Brazil, Australia, China, US and Canada.

But the environment is not a lone characteristic for the creation of the most sought after stone. Diamonds are formed only in extreme heat and pressure condition approximately ninety miles under the surface of the earth. The heat and pressure is the reason for the carbon atoms crystallisation that are the sparkly gem we all love and adore.

Ninety miles under the earth surface is a long way. So how are the diamonds get exposed? Through volcanic pipes or via placer or alluvial deposits. When a volcano erupt it ‘lifts’ the diamonds closer to the surface ready to be found.


Trends in the market

The trend in the diamond industry is for demand to exceed supply. This means the prices will rise.
People invest in diamonds by buying them loose, for future jewellry of their children or themselves.

H & D Diamonds supply loose diamonds upon request. To ensure you make the most of present diamond purchase in years to come, we would strongly recommend that you buy a certified diamond. Certified diamonds would keep their value better than non-certified diamonds.

Do you want to benefit from a safe investment for years to come? Are you planning to purchase a diamond jewellery in the future but want to buy the loose diamonds now? In that case you have come to the right place!

H & D Diamonds are in direct contact with diamond dealers from Hatton Garden on a daily basis. We are your direct contact with the major suppliers of the UK.

For more information about loose certified diamonds please contact us on 0845 600 5557.

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