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Leap Year Proposal

Leap year – Origin of tradition and tips for 2016

I know it’s only January but you can never be too prepared…

So what is it about the tradition of women proposing on February 29th of a leap year?

leap year, women proposing to a man, engagement ring, February 29th

Today, although not common, nobody will make a fuss if you propose to your man. In the old days the rules of courting were very striked and a proposition by a women was unheard of.
So where did the tradition of women proposing on that day comes from?

There is an old Irish legend, saying that St. Brigid of Kildare, an Irish nun in the fifth century, was approached by maidens complaining their suitors were too shy to propose. As they wanted to change their status and become married women they asked the nun for help in changing the rules (you see, women fought for their rights many years before feminists burnt their bras).


The Irish nun decided to take action and help those single women. She went to ask St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, for permission so the women will be able to propose. The legend say that St. Patrick first agree for that to happen on every seventh year but after a bit more pleading from the nun he changed it to every four years on the leap year.

The story goes on to tell the nun then drop herself to St. Patrick’s feet and ask him to marry her but he refused and offered her a silk gown for comfort.

Since then there is the tradition of women proposing on February 29th on a leap year but if the man refuses in some places he should pay a fee, sufficient enough to buy a gown, in other places the man should give the women 12 pairs of gloves, so she can cover her hands and nobody see she is still single.

This was the legend. But how about you?
Will you propose this February 29th?
If you do what will you propose with? A diamond ring?

leap year, enagement ring, women proposing to men, February 29th

If you man is the type who would be happily wearing one, then you should. I will invite you to download the Engagement Ring Buying Guide, which although was written with men in mind, it explains in length how to choose the right diamond. Alternatively, call me on 0845 600 5557 and I will be happy to guide you through the process.

leap year, women proposing to men, engagement ring for men, February 29th

However, if you think he is not the type to wear a diamond rings, a great alternative would be cufflinks which are set with diamonds.

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But proposing is not only about the gift. You want to consider the location and the best timing to propose. Some men may feel uncomfortable with a women going down on her knee, and although traditionally this is how its done, you don’t have to follow it.

You want to make sure the day is special and that you are both very comfortable in that special moment.

Not all type of guys will be happy to be proposed by a women. If you have been in a relationship for long enough to consider marriage you probably know his preferences. If he is open minded, willing to try new experiences or if he is the sensitive type, he’d probably go along with your idea. You don’t have to go on national TV as well.


leap year, women proposing to man, February 29th, engagement ring


However, if he is a traditional one, it probably won’t work. If that is the case, in your next wonder in the shopping area draw him towards jewellery shop and point at rings your friends were proposed with. He just might get the hint.

If you really want to get engaged but don’t dare to propose let me help. Just email me the name and email address of your special men and I will email him the link for the Engagement Ring Buying Guide. He might just buy into it. Don’t worry, he’ll never know you gave me his email, unless you tell him.

If you need any help until your special day contact me via the website or call me on 0845 600 5557 to arrange a time for your FREE consultation.




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