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I was approached by Rikki when he was ready to propose. He came quite ready in what he was after as he told me he was surfing online with his girlfriend and they were looking at styles of rings. It was clear to him that the ‘halo’ ring is the what he wanted but the vast selection can be confusing. This is how he described his experience:

Purchasing the engagement ring from H&D Diamonds was the best decision I made! Having no prior knowledge in diamonds or a clear idea of what I want I found Orit very helpful. She offered practical advice and happily shared her knowledge in diamonds. I felt I was guided in a helpful way throughout the purchasing process all within the budget I set in advance.
My now fiance could not stop gushing about how beautiful, elegant and sophisticated the ring was. In fact, she said she couldn’t have chosen a better ring herself.
Thank you H&D Diamonds for making my Valentine’s Day proposal that extra bit special.



Richard was a last minute purchaser. Well, not exactly. He was receiving my newsletters for about two years and it seems to me he had a pretty good idea of what he wanted when he contacted me on December 21st!!! wanting to propose on Christmas. He was very lucky the jewellery suppliers had the design he wanted in the right ring size in stock:

All arrived safely thanks, Orit. The proposal followed swiftly (she said yes!). She loved her ring. Social media has gone crazy! Lots of laughter and tears… She loves her ring! Thank you!!


Tom approached me with what he thought was a clear idea of what he wanted. He just came back from a holiday in New York with his girlfriend and they were looking at a lot of diamond jewellery across the pond. He was after an emerald cut diamond solitaire and he knew exactly how he would like the mount to be. I was therefore somewhat surprised when he contacted me a few weeks later with a complete change of plan. He was now after a round solitaire. We bounced lots of emails about diamond qualities and talked over the phone in length about all aspects of the diamonds I was suggesting. he emailed back after the proposal:

Thanks so much for all of your help. I proposed to Joey on Saturday night to celebrate our three year anniversary and she said yes. She said that she absolutely loves the ring and couldn’t have chosen anything better herself. I am so pleased with the results, so thank you very, very much!


top-side view

Bespoke Diamond Solitaire Ring

Karen had a ring that was purchased in South Africa many years ago with a tourmaline centre stone. Unfortunately, the tourmaline was chipped and needed a replacement:

I engaged H&D Diamonds to replace the stone from a favourite ring that I had damaged. The necessary time was taken to understand my needs and I was quickly offered two priced options. We met so I can choose from three stones. Finally, the work was done and the ring returned to me.

I was impressed by the professional approach and technical knowledge displayed. The final work was of excellent quality and I am very pleased with the outcome. I would be very happy to use H&D Diamonds’ services again


Karen Pheasant engagement ring

Karen engagement ring

Amanda was getting engaged but did not want her engagement ring to be a solitaire or in fact, like any other ring she saw before. We started a series of emails where Amanda sent me images of what she doesn’t want her ring to look like. It was clear that her ring will look more of a lifestyle ring than a traditional engagement ring. Amanda added her own twist when she decided she wanted some colour added to the ring.

I’m thrilled with my ring, it’s unique and truly individual, thanks to your help and expertise. You were very open-minded to my thoughts and ideas, and gave me the professional guidance I needed. Without you, I would be stuck with a dull, boring run-of-the-mill high street ring. You managed my expectations on the sourcing of the aquamarines. And delivered them more quickly than anticipated. Thank you for your professionalism.

Next stop wedding ring!


Amanda’s Diamond & Aquamarine ring

Catherine was on my mailing list for a while but when the Christmas offers arrived to her inbox she couldn’t resist and showed it to her husband. Richard did not miss the hint and after a few chats he was ready for Christmas:

I was lucky to receive a diamond ring this Christmas. Not only was it a wonderful present but my husband, who bought it for me, was delighted with the service, the care and the price. I was delighted with the MOST gorgeous piece of jewellery. Thank you Orit.


Mitchell was after an engagement ring for chapter two in his life. After viewing the engagement ring section on the H&D Diamond website a decision was made.

Thank you for the beautiful ring. My fiancé loved it and we will get marry in a few months. The ring is nice, the price was right and the service was excellent. Thank you!


Eddie was referred to me by a colleague when he was ‘caught’ searching the net for an engagement ring. He had the general idea he wanted a diamond solitaire but had no idea which diamond will look best on the ring.

When I set out to buy my girlfriend’s engagement ring I had no idea what made a good diamond and what didn’t. I’d been to a couple of high-street jewellers and felt like I was getting sold to so I decided to look online and found H & D Diamonds. From the first telephone conversation the feeling was different. I felt no pressure, Orit was happy to educate me and was so patient, she simply helped me make up my mind. The ring I ended up with was far more beautiful than the ones I was being directed to by other jewellers. Thank you Orit…Oh, and she said yes!


Lucy had her grandmother’s ring kept in a drawer. She loved the ring but it was far too large for her finger.

Hi I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for resizing services and cleaning my grans diamond ring. I could not tell where the resizing was done and the diamonds are so sparkly now. Wearing her diamond ring makes me smile.  I haven’t taken it off all week – but I promise I’m being careful too!   And 4 months later…

just wanted to let you know my gran’s diamond ring is still sparkling and fits like a dream. So many people comment on it – best money I have ever spent on myself. Thank you


Lisa had a three stone diamond ring that has not been valued in years. The insurance company demanded valuation.

Thank you H&D diamonds for the recent valuation of my diamond engagement ring. Now insurers have an accurate valuation. I suggest anyone reading this post ensures their precious diamonds are accurately valued, insurers will only pay what is outlined on your policy. If you haven’t had a valuation done for a while, consider it now.


Mrs Hofton had a vague idea of the design she was after. After a few telephone conversations and emails exchange a decision was made.

I asked H & D Diamonds to custom develop me some samples for my family of which she delivered on time and on budget. Her drive, creativity and passion came through in the end product that we are more than happy with, she has created a product that will stay with our family forever.

Mrs Hofton

Karen’s ring was designed in a way that disturb her daily life. It kept catching on her the tops she was wearing. As a result the ring was hardly ever worn.

I met Orit at a networking event and showed her an old diamond ring given to me as an eternity ring which I adore but which kept catching due to the style of it so I was considering having it re-set. I had already spoke to a few jewellers and wasn’t particularly impressed with what they were suggesting or their price. Orit very quickly got back to me with a variety of suggestions and useful examples of different ring settings and options across a range of price ranges. I collected my ring today and have to say I am absolutely delighted with the result – it is better than I hoped for! I would definitely recommend Orit’s services to others I know.


Karen's diamond set in a new mount

Karen’s diamonds ring

Teddy had an idea of the ring style he was after but needed some help with the diamond to achieve the best result within is budget.

I was recommended the services of H & D Diamonds and I was certainly impressed. I chose the mount for my ring from a selection of catalogues and was guided on how to choose the best diamond in consideration with my budget.My finger was measured and I got a beautiful ring for much less than any shop in Manchester was be able to offer me.


Martine was going to have a big birthday. She saw a design she liked on a weekend in London and email me the image. It just so happened that I had the exact same design on my website for a better value.

I am delighted with the beautiful bespoke ring I bought from H & D Diamonds. Orit was excellent at making suggestions that would fit within my budget. I found her both professional and personable and would recommend her to anyone looking for the best quality diamond jewellery at the best price.


In my opinion, a diamond not worn may as well stay as a carbon in the ground.

After searching for some time, for a small white gold chain, Orit took the detail of what I was looking for (delicate chain to wear with a small diamond pendant) and within days had sourced the perfect chain. Orit kept me up to date with the order – straight through to me receiving it. I am really delighted with my chain, it is what I was looking for and goes perfectly with my pendant. Thank you Orit for the great service but also for being able to get exactly what I was looking for.


I met Carol in a wedding fair. She had everything covered apart from the wedding rings.

I can not praise Orit enough for her amazing service. When I purchased my wedding rings from her she was very helpful with ideas, huge catalogue to look at and always available. The rings we’re not only so stunning ( I secretly drove home wearing mine) but also were a bargain. I will be coming back for more I promise.


Alison ring was so worn out it was getting dangerous to wear from the fear of losing a diamond or the shank giving in.

My Victorian diamond ring, that was passed down four generations in my family, was worn out. It was in my draw for a very long time until a friend recommended I contact H & D Diamonds. I found Orit to be very helpful in suggesting mounts and setting options that would enhance the beauty of the stones. In a few weeks I had a finished products which I am delighted about. In the new setting the diamonds sparkle better and seem much larger and brighter. I now have a ring I am proud to wear every day. Following that I gave both my wedding and engagement rings to be Rhodium plated and serviced. They returned just as new.


Alison's redesigned ring

Alison’s diamond ring

Eternity ring can be anything your mind is set it to be.

I was looking for a modern looking eternity ring. Orit quickly presented me with a few designs. Once I chose the design I was given options of diamonds qualities. The ring is exactly what I wanted. It is truly a beautiful bespoke piece of jewellery.

D Berg

Dorrit's ring -unset

D. Berg diamonds & mount -unset

D Berg's ring

D. Berg’s diamond ring


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