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Ring Alloy – The Rules

When it comes to matching ring alloy, the metal used in the mount of the ring,  there are actually no written or social rules anywhere. It is all down to personal preferences, fashion has an effect and many times it is about the skin tone and how the ring alloy looks against it.   Some likes to match the metal of the engagement ring to the wedding band while others think the beauty is in the difference.
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If you chose for platinum as your engagement ring alloy, the most durable alloy there is, You would probably choose for the same alloy for your wedding ring. This will ensure both rings keeps their look in yours to come.

It is quite common however, to keep the shape of the diamond the same in both rings. Saying that, matching an engagement ring with a fancy shape diamond, a diamond that is not round, to an eternity with the same shape of diamond might have to be done as a special order, known as bespoke. This will not be necessary if the fancy shaped diamond is set in a way that will match a wedding band.

How are you going to choose your ring alloy? If you have bought already your engagement ring and need help with matching the wedding ring  call 0845 600 5557 and we will be happy to guide you.

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