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The perfect time to buy diamonds for investment

Why buy diamonds for investment?

I wrote in the past about investment in diamonds . Whether you live in the world there is no better time than now to invest in diamonds!

It may sound like a bold statement, but considering the situation in the diamond world, it is difficult to ignore the changes and their effect. What is going on?

For more than a century DeBeers acted as a monopoly in the market. However, the company lost its stronghold and in the past few decades. 90 percent of the diamond production was controlled by four major players namely De Beers, Russia’s Alrosa, Rio Tinto (RIO), and BHP Billiton.


These ‘Big Four’ are now either sold their diamonds division or are in the process of selling or reorganising. How will that affect the diamond market?

The new owners will not have the ability to invest in the existing ageing mines or create new ones.

From here it’s a simple supply and demand relations. Diamonds are not easy to buy for investors. Diamond prices cannot be regulated. Each diamond is priced uniquely by the 4C’s as discussed in length at the Diamond Education section. However, even if diamond prices may seem expensive it is the least risky option for investors. Increase in demand will result in an immediate profit.

At H & D Diamonds we buy loose diamonds directly from suppliers that have partnership with diamond site holders. This is an incredible opportunity for you to get as close as you can to the source of the diamonds. Having an online shop means that no overheads are included in the price of the diamonds.

It is highly recommended to invest in diamonds that are certified by internationally recognised laboratories.

For more information or for enquirers in loose diamonds for investment or to schedule your free consultation with a diamond expert  please contact us on 0845 600 5557.


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