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Unique Engagement Ring in Manchester

Creating a unique engagement ring in Manchester

When it comes to my client’s unique engagement ring a quote from Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind‘s author, comes to mind: “That is the one unforgivable sin in any society. Be different and be damned!”



Unique Diamond Jewellery


And why shouldn’t you?


You are an individual with your own appearance, taste and preferences. One person may like Rubies, another may prefer a Sapphire or maybe an Emerald, and that is perfectly fine. White gold, though very fashionable in recent years, doesn’t complement all skin tones and a large statement ring may not suit every women.


Your engagement ring should match your personality and style. It should be created uniquely for you. Only then will it be admired by you whilst attracting the attention it deserves from others.


How can you create a unique engagement ring?


Recently, one of my clients approached me regarding an engagement ring. It was a second marriage and a solitaire was not the preferred option.


As with many modern couples, my client was involved with the selection process, being the one who will be wearing the ring. After visiting jewellery shops she came back with a clear vision of what she doesn’t like.


Solitaire Diamond Ring

Solitaire Diamond Ring



Rule 1: Know what you do not like


Browsing with a close friend, having several heart to heart chats and bouncing ideas back and forth helped my client get a clearer picture of what she does like.


A while back I wrote about women’s choice and my client was a true example of a new trend of designer using gemstones in combination with diamonds.


Rule 2: Have a general idea of what you like to achieve

(a good friend by your side is always a bonus)


Next was the decision of which gemstone to choose. After consultations which informed her of the qualities of various gems my client decided that an aquamarine will accompany her diamonds.

Rule 3: Take an expert advice to create your unique engagement ring.





Once the finger was measured it was only a short while before the ring was ready for the proposal.


Aquamarine & diamonds - unset

Aquamarine & diamonds – unset

Now, the ring is worn with pride, my client loves her ring and is delighted with the admiring comments made by other people.



Unique aquamarine & Diamond ring

Unique aquamarine & Diamond ring


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