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Wedding ring styles – categorised

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Wedding Rings

It was Prince William’s and Kate’s one year anniversary this weekend and naturally I was thinking about their amazing wedding ceremony, Kate’s gorgeous engagement ring and of course the Clogau gold wedding band. There are so many wedding rings styles  I thought I will categorize them just to make a bit of sense to it all.

The Traditional Wedding Ring Styles

This is a plain ring which can have different shapes. The most common ones are:

– The Court wedding ring which has a curved surface

– The D-Shaped ring which is curved on the outside and flat on the inside creating a ‘D’ shaped profile.

– The Flat wedding ring which has a flat profile.

All these rings can be either flat on the inside or slightly curved for comfort. A curved inside ring would be termed as courted inside or comfort fit.

The Patterned Wedding Ring styles

These are the same traditional wedding rings that have been curved or engraved with a fashionable design to offer a modern twist. The design can vary from engraving on the top of the ring to a different edge of the ring. An example of such a ring is the Bevelled wedding ring whose edge catches the light and makes the ring stand out.

Diamond Set Wedding Rings Styles

The traditional and patterned wedding band can also be set with diamonds which symbolise eternal love and add that extra sparkle. The diamond shape can change from round brilliant to the square princess cut. Some are spread sporadically on the ring, some are on the top of the wedding ring and others are set all around the ring. The latter are known as eternity rings.

How would you choose the wedding rings for you and your partner? That depends on your taste and the engagement ring you already have. You might want to match the shape of the mount and the metal of your engagement ring. If you choose a diamond set wedding ring you could also consider the shape of the diamond. Your background and tradition will also play an important part in your choice, but this is a subject for another blog post altogether.

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