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What Is Mangagement Ring?

Mangagement ring- is the UK going to follow the growing trend?

If you’ve never heard about mangagement ring it is because it is a rather new trend. It is taking off really well in the USA but one of our FaceBook page’s followers, who lives in Australia, told us he also has one. It is such a new trend that when writing the word mangagement I get a red line under it to tell me I misspelled the word.

So what is mangagement ring?

Erasto's ring 1

Mangagement ring is an engagement ring for men. Confused? Let me break it down for you in a few optional scenarios.

Let’s say you have proposed. Up to now, the guy would propose to the girl-friend and would present her with an engagement ring. The engagement ring will symbolise the commitment he has for her and a promise to marry her in a time they will arrange. So your girlfriend is going to have an engagement ring on her finger but you will not be wearing any external symbol showing you are committed in any way to anyone up until the wedding day.

So? You are asking…

Well, women today have shifted a long way from being dependent solely on her male companion. Women now have the ability to earn money and support themselves. They see themselves as equal contributors to the household. If they are equal in contribution they sometimes feel the need to be equal in their status. Part of that is to want their fiancé to also wear a ring showing he is committed to her the same way she is committed to him. This is when the mangagement ring comes into the picture.

This ring will be a sign to any women who are in the bar for example not to mess about with the guy wearing the mangagement ring. The same way an engagement ring labes the women as ‘out of your reach, mate’.

Another scenario is gay couples. Since last year GLBT are celebrating gay marriage being legal in the UK. When two men who decide to share their life together have the ability to get married why not have the whole tradition and propose with a mangagement ring?

Erasto's ring 2

I was chatting with Gay Wedding Photographer GrrlAlex  at the recent National Gay Wedding Show and she asked me if diamond engagement rings for men were ever requested.   Although still a new phenomenon here in the UK, in America, the idea of a man-gagement (or mangagement) ring is increasingly popular – for both straight and gay couples. Luckily, one of our FaceBook followers was kind enough to permit us to use his image of his mangement ring. What do you think?

You can see that having a diamond ring doesn’t have to be a feminine ring and actually can look really good on a man.

Last but not least, although not very common, some girls are actually taking the lead and are proposing to their boyfriends. It cannot be complete wedding proposal without an engagement ring, or mangagement ring in this case.

What do you think about the mangagement ring? Will you buy one for your boyfriend?

If you are considering it and not sure where to start, help is only a phone call away.

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